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A letter from alumni about Carrie Gordon

December 15, 2003

It’s hard to convey the grief that the Princeton-in-Asia community is feeling, having lost Carrie Gordon in September. As director of PiA, she gave so much to the organization and to the interns who are its ambassadors and its beneficiaries. Her stories made us laugh and her e-mails sustained us while we were abroad. After we came back, Carrie celebrated with us at our weddings, kept up with our career plans, and helped us keep Asia, and PiA, a vital part of our lives. Her energy, sense of humor, and selflessness prevented many of us from believing that her illness could ever slow her down, much less take her away from us altogether. She is truly irreplaceable.

Hilary Smith ’98
Jenaro Cardona-Fox ’00
Haiyin Chen ’98
Pear Currin ’98
Brett Dakin ’98
Scott Davis ’89
Kate Emans ’98
Lucy Hornby ’95
Mark Jerng ’98
Andrea Menotti ’95
Liane Moody ’98
Aspen Russell ’98
Kris Smith ’98

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