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A letter from an alum about gun control

March 14, 2003

Your February 26 On the Campus column by Kristin Roper ’03 glamorized the outlawed practice of dueling. Settling disputes by means of guns, real or toy, seems more and exercise in attracting attention than satisfying “honor.” Perhaps the university could step in here and suggest a shooting match with real guns at inanimate targets to decide which man, or woman, is the better. Skeet, trap, or sporting clays with shotguns would require some real skill, teach the elements of gun safety, and provide a sense of competition and healthy excitement, rather than a cheap thrill, and the approbation of highly educated people who don’t know enough not to point guns, loaded or unloaded at each other.

There seems to be enough ignorance fueling the antigun “movement’ without Princeton University adding to it.

Nick Niles ’56
Naples, Fla.

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