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A letter from an alum about Hank Towns, Caldwell Field House manager

September 10, 2003

It is unfortunate for Princeton undergraduates that Caldwell Fieldhouse equipment manager Hank Towns h'82, is retiring. He was an integral part of my Princeton education.

I remember my first meeting with Hank, when I was a freshman cross country runner. He handed me a pair of socks. Freshman that I was, I just sat there and waited for him to hand me the next item. Hank stopped everything to say, "Now let me tell you something. You're at Princeton now, and you're supposed to be a gentleman. When somebody gives you something, you say 'thank you.' " Hank covered in a few seconds what my mother must have been trying to teach me for 18 years. I've been saying "thank you," when appropriate, ever since.

Joseph LeMay ’89
Branford, Conn.

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