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A letter from an alum about the new humanities building

April 6, 2004

There is no flaneur along Nassau Street who is not in the University's debt. We no longer have to see the Chancellor Green Library or the Joseph Henry House. Both are relics from a past no longer of use to us. Both are now visually obliterated. All hale to the University's erecting the new Humanities Center. It dominates that part of the campus and uses up the last patch of land not built upon.

We leave it to those more learned to render a critical architectural appraisal of the Humanities Center. Thus far anecdotal evidence has not been favorable. It is decried as a blob without redeeming feature. Other remarks have been less kind.

It leaves me saddened. I would still like to think of the Joseph Henry House and the Chancellor Green Library as endearing gems of the campus. I would even like to see them.

David Reeves '48
Princeton, N.J.

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