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A letter from an alumnus about Israel

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July 8, 2002

In contrast to racist and xenophobic Middle Eastern autocracies in which hereditary tyrants such as the Ibn Saud or Hussseini families or the military dictators who have deposed them use the secret police and government-dictated media to control fiefdoms barely older than Israel, the State of Israel maintains the only government in the Middle East chosen by the people, in which the chief executive can be dismissed by the legislature, and in which women and ethnic or religious minorities including Arabs and Muslims elect representatives and enjoy full legal rights.

Let us instead consider the "right to exist"of the medieval-style emirates, terrorist juntas, and extremist theocracies that have dragged their subjects through a century of astonishing poverty, disease, illiteracy, repression, and internecine warfare.

Meanwhile, those who disagree with Israeli or American policies can call their Congressmen, exercise the right to vote, and even write to PAW.

Adam J. Flisser ’93
New York, N.Y.

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