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A letter from a reader seeking information about 1945 Willys MB military jeep

April 13, 2004

I am restoring a 1945 Willys MB military Jeep. I know that it was formerly owned by Princeton University approximately from 1968 to 1988 and used at the Forrestal Air Field. Here are pictures I received from the previous owner of what it looked like when Princeton sold it. I am very interested in obtaining early pictures of it when Princeton first bought it and it was still olive drab color. What I so desperately want to see is the original USA registration number that would have been painted in 2" or 3" high white letters on both sides of the hood. Also the unit markings that would have been on the front bumper, but the USA number is the most important. That is a precious piece of information for any jeep restorer unfortunately my numbers are lost because it was sanded down and repainted.


I hold out hope that some Princeton alum out there has some photo's of this Jeep that could help me. Can you assist me in any way to get a message out to the alumni and ask it any have photo's, information, or memories of this jeep?

Thank you,
Jeffrey Hoch

Maple Shade, N.J.


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