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A letter from an alum about Raising Kate, February 26, 2003

March 9, 2003

As a founding member of the Princeton Committee Against Terrorism (PCAT), I was perplexed by the gratuitous broadsides against this group in the February 26 PAW online exclusive column written by Kate Swearingen ’04.

Ms. Swearingen bemoans the dearth of campus agitation for “social justice,” which she implies is the monopoly of the radical left. In contrast, she asserts, “the only people who are getting involved and making noise are those whom you wish wouldn't.” One group she’s “heard plenty from” is P.C.A.T., or so she claims.

Either the imminent terrorist threat has finally knocked some sense into the Ivory Tower, or this alumnus has been entirely out of the loop.

Last time I checked, massive campus rallies are still the monopoly of the campus left, and it has always been thus. In the immediate aftermath of September 11, before the U.S. had even decided on a course of action, antiwar and, yes, anti-American student lemmings outnumbered P.C.A.T. loyalists by at least 20 to 1. Over the past year, dissent has only become more in vogue.

Those with lame causes must think they can bolster their case by playing the part of the underdog. Why else would Ms. Swearingen make such fantastical assertions about the balance of campus activism?

Eric Wang ‘02
Washington, D.C.

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