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A letter from an alum about Perspective essay by Jeremiah Lambert ’55

March 14, 2004

As news of classmates moves inexorably forward with each issue, I delight in finding other snippets of classmate accomplishment within the covers of PAW: university governance; national political agenda; civic responsibility; personal victory over adversity; and the like.

Classmate Jerry Lambert's piece on his tenure as a "post-collapse" director of Global Crossing Corp. (Perspective 2/25/04) left me feeling underfed.

It reads more as a personal apology than as a call to reinvigorate the ethical backbone of corporate America. As global poster child for the socioeconomic benefits of capitalism and free enterprise, many prominent U.S. corporations have been recently gutted and ravaged by "bad apples" within their governing boards.

While I commend my classmate for "volunteering" to help clean up the Global Crossing mess, I would have enjoyed a more forceful call to higher codes of personal ethics and responsibility by corporate directors — not after the fact, but before the shenanigans begin.

Peter Danforth '55
Tucson, Ariz.

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