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A letter from an alum about Michael Lemonick and his freshman seminar

March 22, 2004

I was surprised to learn from the interview of the science writer, Michael Lemonick, in the March 10 PAW that although his undergraduate major was economics and he has no graduate training in physics he is teaching a freshman seminar on the latter subject at Princeton.

Surely these seminars are considered very important as an introduction to intellectual life at Princeton, and surely it requires graduate training in this difficult subject to teach beginning undergraduates in an effective and competent way.

Where I teach such courses are taught only by faculty. What is the explanation for this practice and how widespread is it at Princeton?
William F. Zimmerman '60 *66
Professor of Biology
Amherst College

Editor's Note: A wide range of professionals and academics teach Freshman Seminars. To learn more, visit the site: http://www.princeton.edu/pr/pub/fs/03/toc.htm

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