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A letter from an alum about about Professor Sophie Meunier

October 8, 2003

How wunnerful (to quote Li'l Abner) that Princeton has imported a French apologist for French Anti-Americanism to our PC campus!

Sophie Meunier (Moment With..October 8) speaks about the "Iraq crisis" as if it happened on its own in a vacuum, without French money supporting the cruel Saddam regime, without the most up-to-date French anti-aircraft missles and other technology sold to Iraq in exchange for oil deals, without French complicity in the abysmal Iraqi regime where murder, rape, and other forms of torture were everyday realities. This included serving live "enemies of Saddam" into industrial shredders.

She speaks of the "strength" of French culture. I'd like to hear what that is.

Of course the French can point to their many gifts to humanity which I also enjoy:

- le bikini!
- le bidet!
-le asparagus!
- le salad!
- le bistro!

Stephen Molasky '63
Chicago, Ill.

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