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A letter from an alum about the Nassau Weekly

November 24, 2003

Visiting the University on the Yale weekend I discovered a tabloid paper titled the Nassau Weekly, which theoretically was Issue 10, Volume 25.

The paper states it has an extensive staff of some 20 people. I am sorry, I am not a prude, but this paper is directly related to the notorious SCREW paper of Al Goldstein with liberal use of the F word and great goings on about "handjobs."

A full-page feature allegedly is the musing of a Princeton coed complaining about the lack of sex with her male counterparts on campus. She concludes with having a choice of three ways to cure her insomnia: (1)) valium, (2) alcohol, (3) masturbation with use of her vibrator. She then complains the vibrator does not work. Her final conclusion is:
"Ladies, don't be so independent — vibrators can let you down just as easily as men can. Give the men a chance."
Can any one comment on this pornography on the Princeton campus? Is this really representative of the current culture on the Princeton campus?

Ronald Wittreich ’50
Englewood, N.J.

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