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A letter from alumni about Outdoor Action and mental health

January 28, 2003

In light of Princeton's recognition of the increased importance of providing for students’ mental health, we find it troubling that the Outdoor Action program has recently been forced to drastically scale back its programs because of financial difficulties.

Seeking solace and renewal in the wilderness is a tradition with ancient roots, and many alumni of recent classes, including us, participated in O.A. trips in order to restore our spirits and minds away from the chaos of everyday Princeton life.

As long as O.A. is not able to offer trips during the academic year, current students will miss out on this valuable opportunity. We encourage the University administration to do everything possible to restore O.A.’s ability to offer year-round programming so that future Princetonians will be able to have access to this time-honored (and low-cost) method of mental and spiritual rejuvenation.

Chris Beeson ’99 and Katie Baum ’01
White Salmon, Wash.

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