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A letter from an alumnus about world peace and war

September 7, 2002

The U.S. needs a strong, military defense. This is obvious in the lessons of history.
The great man studies universality — all sides of issues. He is for peace, prosperity, and cooperation among all countries.

I have studied and thought about religious, histories, and world literature.

People of different religions should live in peace in every country.

Most men on earth should think about getting along with other and different types of men.

The U.S. should be a strong and friendly power. The U.S. should not seek to dominate other nations politically, economically, or intellectually. The U.S. should be a friendly nation to all nations.
The age of conquest is ended.

Peaceful living among all peoples on earth should be the goal of all of earth’s people.

Social manners and social skills of conversing with other people should be taught in all nations.

It is easy to go to war and to kill. Far better is it to cultivate the arts of peace which promote better lives for all people. Instead of military force there are countless ways of expressing friendship. Individuals and nations should find and invent ways of getting along in peace — not in killing each other.

I am tired of hearing about war. I want to hear about he arts of peace. What are diplomats doing to make the earth a better place to live? What student exchanges are going on all over the planet? Where do tourists go? What is being done in cooperative efforts between environmental preservation and economic development?

John Dickinson Morgan, Jr. ’63
Sarasota, Fla.

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