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Letters from alumni about Redheads

February 18, 2003

Don't forget the auburn-haired Diana Rigg!

Stanley Kalemaris ’64
Melville, N.Y.

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February 4, 2003

Before her book goes to press, I would like to point out to Anne Margaret Daniel that although, "when someone says redhead . . . we think of the dizzy and dazzling Katharine Hepburn, or Lucille Ball, or the lavish and lustful Rita Hayworth . . . " neither Lucille Ball nor Rita Hayworth were natural redheads. Even Katharine Hepburn, whose hair was never more floridly described than "reddish brown" by contemporary sources, didn't appear onscreen in color until The African Queen in 1951, some two decades into her film career.

Thus, these three Hollywood legends might not be the best examples to choose. Consider instead Maureen O'Hara ("That red head of hers is no lie," says Barry Fitzgerald in The Quiet Man (1952)), Susan Hayward, Greer Garson, Ann Sheridan, Deborah Kerr, Moira Shearer, or even Angela Lansbury.

Elizabeth Anthony '99
Oklahoma City, Okla.

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