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A letter from an alum about the having a non-Princeton reunion

May 31, 2004

I am currently on active duty, serving in the Army. While on a recent combat deployment, I ran into Pat Horn '99 (middle) and Christian Diegel '01 (right) in a location that I cannot disclose.

Pat and Christian are both in the Air Force, and all three of us are part of various special operation units (hence, the undisclosed location).

I am the first one to make it back from overseas, and the group wanted me to pass along the attached picture of our reunion. We found it ironic, as the real Reunions were approaching, that we had the opportunity for a mini-reunion in a very far away place, under very different circumstances. Nevertheless, we enjoyed seeing each other and catching up. A familiar face goes a long way in such a distant land, under the most severe of conditions.

We wanted to pass along the picture just in case it could be used in an upcoming article covering Reunions and those other reunions that do not take place with beer.

Matt Scherrer '01 (left)

Tacoma, Wash.

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