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A letter from an alum about In the nation's service

May 10, 2003

It is natural, instinctive, that we are proud of fellow Princetonians who have risen to prominent place. But does "Princeton in the nation's service" mean only the holding of high office. Is not more required? Must we not also ask to what end our fellow Princetonians exercise power?

Do they aim to shift the tax burden from the wealthy to the middle class while cutting programs for the poor, or to create massive federal debt to undercut Social Security and Medicare as universal programs, or to install an ideologically supercharged federal bench, or to advance foreign policies which isolate our nation and make us the enemy of former friends? Are they extreme and partisan while giving lip service to moderation and bipartisanship?

Before Daniels or Frist or Rumsfeld or anyone else are honored by Princeton or featured by PAW, we should know how their leadership has been "in the nation's service."

J. Wilson Morris '61
Savannah, Ga.

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