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A letter from an alum about President Tilghman's 2003 Commencement address

June 5, 2003

President Tilghman’s address to graduates June 3, 2003, had a glaring omission in her description of public service. She stated “Public service comes in many forms – it can involve positions in local, state or federal government or international agencies, volunteer service in your communities and schools, participation in charitable or other nonprofit organizations, or speaking out for the interests of others or of the community at large.”

Evidently, devoting oneself to the protection of our country by joining the military is no longer considered a form of "public service."

Having recently joined the ranks of our nations volunteer fighting forces, her remarks are discouraging. I sincerely hope that President Tilghman honestly omitted military service from her remarks.  

Jonathan Ophardt ‘03
Jacksonville, Fla.

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