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Princeton Project on National Security
Post-Conflict Reconstruction


Refoming U.S. Development Policy by Nancy Birdsall, Stewart Patrick, and Milan Vaishnav, Center for Global Development (Feb 2006)

In the Wake of War: Improving U.S. Post-Conflict Capabilities by Brent Scowcroft, Samuel R. Berger, William L. Nash, Mona K. Sutphen, Council on Foreign Relations (July 2005)

In the Balance: Measuring Progress in Afghanistan by CSIS Post-Conflict Reconstruction Project (July 2005)
While much of the policy community focuses on progress in Iraq, CSIS assesses efforts to rebuild Afghanistan and reminds policymakers that much remains to be done, especially in areas like promoting the rule of law.

Making Peacebuilding Work: Reforming UN Peacekeeping Operations by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (June 2005)

"Civilian Post-Conflict Reconstruction Capabilities" testimony of John H. Hamre before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (March 3, 2004)

"America's Role in Nation-Building from Germany to Iraq" by James Dobbins et al., RAND (2003)

"Play to Win" by the Commission on Post-Conflict Reconstruction, CSIS (January 2003)


Center for Global Development Commission on Weak States and National Security

Center for Strategic and International Studies Post-Conflict Reconstruction Project


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