PSC Presents William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream
October 16-17 and 22-24, 2014 | Frist Film/Performance Theatre
Directed by Emily Fockler '17

Welcome to the city of Athens. By day, the gentile aristocrats rule, dance, and argue, and the lower class workers practice their stagecraft on their days off. But when the sun goes down, the city's other occupants emerge from the alleyways to flout the rules of love and toy with the mortals. All in good fun, of course. So enjoy your stay, but beware the midnight hour: you just might lose your head, but you will most definitely lose your heart.

Tickets: $10 general admission; $8 students

10/16 8pm
10/17 2:30pm
10/17 8pm
10/22 8pm
10/23 8pm
10/24 8pm

Student Events eligible at Frist; Cash only at the door.

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