Implementation Plan

February 25, 2000

Table of Contents

       Sections are continuously being added, please check back for updates. If a section is not up yet, a hard copy is available for reference  from the HRMS Implementation Office. Contact Laura Strickler for more information.


1.0  Executive Summary

2.0  Scope Definition

3.0  FIT Analysis Results

    3.1 Introduction

    3.2 Results by Function

       3.2.1 Human Resources

    General Options

    TableSet and Record Groups


    Contract Pay

    Multiple Jobs

    Manage Faculty Events

    Plan Salaries

    Administer Workforce

    Position Management

    Duty Time and FTE

    Administer Training

    Recruit Workforce

    Manage Competencies

    Administer Flex Service

    UG Student Employment

    Health and Safety

     Labor Relations

       3.2.2  Benefits

    Base Benefits Tables

    Benefits Administration Tables

    Benefits Administration Processing

    Benefits Billing

    Leave Plan Tables and Processing

    Cobra Administration

    FSA Administration


    Non-Discrimination Testing

    Savings Plan

   Open Enrollment

        3.2.3  Payroll

   Payroll Core Tables

   Payroll Tax Tables

   Payroll Processing

   Maintain Payroll Data



   Time and Labor

   Tax Processing and Reporting

   Retro Processing

  Multiple Components of Pay

  Visa Processing

        3.2.4.  Labor Distribution and Budgeting

4. 0  Shared Tables

    4.1  Campus Community and Students

4.2  Strategies

    4.2.1  Web

    4.2.2  Workflow

    4.2.3  Security

    4.2.4  Conversion

    4.2.5  End User Training

    4.2.6  Distribution and Deployment

    4.2.7  Communication

    4.2.8  Technical

    4.2.9  Project Controls

    4.2.10 Testing

5.0  Prototype

    5.1 Summary

    5.2 Schedule


6.0  Appendices

  1. Initiation Plan
  2. FIT Schedule
  3. Issue Log
  4. Change Log/Customizations
  5. Justifications
  6. Interfaces
  7. Reports
  8. Payroll Production Schedule
  9. Business Process Flows*
  10. Tables
  11. Table Loading Sequence

    Sample Prototype Tables

  12. Project Plan


* Business Process Flows are continually changing and being revised. If you have a specific question regarding these flows, or would like to review them, please contact the appropriate lead. A list of these names is found on the Team Members page.

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