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Welcome to the Princeton University Human Resources Management System Implementation Project, part of the Partnership 2000 Office.

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Princeton University's Partnership 2000 Project to implement the PeopleSoft Human Resources Management System (HRMS) version 7.6 is underway. This new system will replace Tesseract, Princeton's current Human Resources, Benefits, and Payroll centralized mainframe system. A primary goal of this project is to provide improved functionality within HR applications, eliminate shadow HR systems, maintain data quality and integrity, distribute functionality to academic and administrative departments, and provide management and employee access to HR data.

Headquartered at 58 Prospect Avenue, formerly Elm Club, the Project Team is led by Dan Scheiner and Irina Rivkin and consists of team members (both full and part time) who offer key representation from departments that will use or provide information through the new system.

The team recently finished the fit/gap phase of the project; five months devoted to analyzing how the PeopleSoft HRMS product will fit with existing or new business practices or create gaps to be addressed through process review. The focus of the team during calendar year 2000 will be on the development, conversion, and testing of the PeopleSoft application with a target date to go live during the middle of 2001.

As we move forward, information will be made available to the University community through Partnership 2000 communications, area-specific demonstrations and presentations, and at this website. Please check back frequently for updates and information about the project.


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