::: Current design

All T-shirts are 100% cotton with silkscreened graphics. They are available in sizes M, L and XL. If you are interested in purchasing a shirt, they are available at every practice from any Club officer for $10.

2010 PUTTC T-shirt

::: Previous designs

In March 2005, the idea of PUTTC T-shirts finally came to fruition. Two different designs were created, one by Club President Ivan Bútora, the other by PUTTC team member Mike Hsu. We decided to give people a choice and ordered T-shirts in both designs through PUTTC alumn André Liu at Pequod Communications.

Design #1 (Ivan Bútora)
Design #1 front Design #1 back

Design #2 (Mike Hsu)
Design #2 front Design #2 back