Dr. Benjamin Hary

PhD (Berkeley, 1987)

Associate Professor of Hebrew, Arabic and Linguistics
Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Callaway Center, Emory University
Atlanta, GA 30322, USA
Tel.: (404) 727-7942; Fax: (404) 727-2133; Home: (404) 636-8063

At Tel Aviv University (until July 25, 1999):
Dizengoff Tower
50 Dizengoff Street, Apt 2105
64332 Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel. and Fax.: 972-3-528-0423;   Cel. 972-52-426-971

Research areas in Sephardi/Mizrahi
1. Judeo-Arabic Language and Linguistics
2. History of Judaic Languages
3. Jewish History, Society and Culture in Arab Land

Selected Publications (Sephardi/Mizrahi)

Multiglossia in Judeo-Arabic: With an Edition, Translation, and Grammatical Study of the Cairene Purim Scroll,
(Leiden, New York and Koln: E. J. Brill, 1992)

"La Versin Espanola de Maqre Dardeqe," Co-Author with Maria Angeles Gallego.
To appear in the Proceedings of the European Association of Jewish Studies.

"Hebrew Elements in Egyptian Judeo-Arabic Texts,"
To appear in The Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Hebrew and Aramaic Elements in Jewish Languages.

"A Judeo-Arabic Sabbatian Apocalyptic Hymn," Co-Author with Avraham Elqayam,
Kabbalah: Journal for the Study of Jewish Mystical Texts, Volume Two (1997):105-141.

"The Impact of the Cairo Genizah Documents on the Study of the History of Arabic,"
Bulletin of the Israeli Academic Center in Cairo,
Special Issue: The Cairo Genizah: One Hundred Years of Discovery, 21, 1997:35-39.

"On Later and Modern Egyptian Judeo-Arabic,"
Humanism, Culture, and Language in the Near East: Studies in Honor of George Krotkoff,
A. Afsaruddin and M. Zahniser [eds.], Indiana: Eisenbraus, 1997:199-224.

"Judeo-Arabic in Its Sociolinguistic Setting," Israel Oriental Studies, vol. 15: Language and Culture in the Near East: Diglossia, Bilingualism, Registers, S. Izre'el and R. Drory [eds.], 1995:129-155.

"Linguistic Notes on an Egyptian Judeo-Arabic Passover Haggadah and the Study of the Egyptian Sharh," Actes des premieres journees internationales de dialectologie arabe de Paris, D. Caubet and M. Vanhove [eds.], Paris: INALCO, 1994:375-388.

"An Egyptian Judeo-Arabic Sharh of the Book of Esther," Proceedings of the Eleventh World Congress of Jewish Studies, Division D, Volume 1, Jerusalem: World Union of Jewish Studies, 1994:25-32.

"On the Use of ila and li in Judeo-Arabic Texts," Semitic Studies in Honor of Wolf Leslau, A. Kaye, ed., 1991:595-608.

"The Tradition of Later Egyptian Judeo-Arabic Orthography," Massorot 5-6, 1991:119-137 [in Hebrew].