Henriette  Dahan Kalev

Gender Studies, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Ben Gurion University, Beersheva, Israel
tel: 972-8-6472775 (W)
tel: 972-8-6424105  (H)
Fax: 972-8-6433230
E-mail: henms@bgumail bgu.ac.il

1996 -  Lecturer, Ph.D.,  Researcher and teacher, School of Management, Ben Gurion University, Beer-Sheva

1997- Co-chair, Women Studies Program, Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva

Courses taught
“Israeli Politics” - Graduate Level Course - Department of Public Policy, Ben Gurion University
“Ethnic Politics” - Graduate Level Course - Department of Public Policy, Ben Gurion University Hebrew University
“Leadership and Feminism” - Graduate Level Course - Department of Public Policy, Ben Gurion University
“Feminist Political Theories” - Undergraduate studies - Ben Gurion University, Hebrew University
“Political Thought” - Undergraduate studies - Ben Gurion University
“Globalism and the Welfare State” - Graduate studies - Ben Gurion University, Hebrew University
“Israeli Feminism” - Undergraduate studies - Tel Aviv University

  Scientific Publications
          (a) Authored books
                 *  1. Daphna Izraeli, Ariella Friedman, Henriette Dahan Kalev, Manar Hassan, Hanna
                         Herzog, Hannah Nave, Sylvia Fogel-Bejawui.1999, Gender, Sex, Politics,
                         Am Oved (Hebrew)

(b) Articles
                * 1. Dahan Kalev, H., “Adatiut Beisrael - Nekudat Mabat Postmodernit” (“Ethnicity in
                         Israel - A Postmodern Point of  View”), The Journal of Schools and Society
                         Tel Aviv University Press (Hebrew)
                  *2. Dahan Kalev, H.,1999,  “Misud Defusei Dikui Beisrael - Vadi Saliv Kemashal” “Patterns
                         of Oppression in Israel - The Case of Wadi Salib Rebels”, Theory and Criticism, A
                         special volume for the Jubilee of Israel, Van Leer Institution (Hebrew)
                   *3.  Dahan Kalev, H., 1997 “Oppression of Women by Other Women”,. ISSR (Israeli
                         Social Science Research)  vol.12 #1 pp. 31-44
                   *4. Dahan Kalev, H., 1996, ”Israeli Stereotypes’ Discourse”; The Journal of History of
                          European Ideas, MIT Press, vol.1 #2, pp. 680-688
 (c) Chapters in collective volumes
                   * 1. Dahan Kalev, H., 1999, “Zehut Zikaron Vadatiut” (“Identity, Memory and Ethnicity”) Ben
                          Haani Lanahnu  ed. A. Beshara; Van Leer Institute Jerusalem pp. 61-75 (Hebrew)
                    * 2. Dahan Kalev, H.,1997, “Bein Olim Levatikim” ("Immigrant and The Absorbing
                          Society"), Between Veterans and Immigrants 1948-1951; Ben Zvi Institute, pp. 177-
                          189, (Hebrew)
                    *1. Dahan Kalev, H., “Gender Veadatiut Bahinuh” (“Gender and Ethnicity in Education”)
                          Schools and Society, Tel Aviv University Press (Hebrew)
(d) Chapters in collective volumes
                    *1. Dahan Kalev, H., “Young Feminist For Peace”, in Young Women’s Human Rights:
                         Global Challenges, ed.  Nancy Mandell, Shelagh  Wilkinson and Wenona Giles. JAI
                         Press, Stamfod CT
                   *2. Dahan Kalev, H., ”Mizrahi Women – Herstory”, The Leifer Institute For Gender Studies,
                         The Hebrew University, Jerusalem (Hebrew)
                  * 3. Dahan Kalev, H., ”Mizrahi Women in The Mass Immigration”, The International
                         Center  for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization, Jerusalem


  *1. Ayala Mlach-Pines & Henriette Dahan Kalev & Sigal Ronen; “The Influence of Feminist
                Self-Definition on Democratic Attitudes of Managers” Social Politics: International Studies
       in Gender and Society
 *2. Dahan Kalev, H.; “Adatiut In Israel – A Postmodern Perspective”, Palestine Israel Journal
 *3. Dahan Kalev, H.; “Mizrakhi Women: Between East and West”, Women’s Studies
      International  Forum
*4. Dahan Kalev, H.; “The Dialectics of the Ethnic Problem In Israel” submitted to the volume
     on Israeli Politics to be published by SUNY (University of New York Press)

 (e)  Professional report
       *1. Dahan-Kalev, H.;  Professional Report of Kol HaIsha Organization, submitted to Henrich
           Boll Foundation, Germany

 (f) Unrefereed professional articles and publications (a selected list)
                  *1. Dahan-Kalev, H.; Book review: Engendering Social Policy eds. L..Watson & L. Doyal,
                       Open University Press, Buckingham. Reviewd for Sotziologia Israelit Journal Tel Aviv
                       University, September 1999
                  * 2. Dahan-Kalev, H.; 1998 “Keshet: The Mizrakhi Democratic Rainbow”, Bridges, A
                        Journal For Jewish Feminists And Our Friends, Vol. 7 # 2 pp. 30-36 (Hebrew)
                  * 3. Dahan-Kalev, H.; 1997 “Dyun Bikorti Beseder Hayom Hafeministi Beisrael” (“A
                        Critical Discussion on The Feminist Agenda in Israel”,) Mifne Research Center Yad
                         Yaary and Yad Tabenkin # 19 December pp.56-58 (Hebrew)
                  *4. Dahan-Kalev, H.; 1997, “Feminism - Helek Mehamavak Neged Dikui” ( “Feminism -
                        A Part of the struggle Against Oppression”,) Mifne Research Center Yad Yaary and
                         Yad Tabenkin #18 September pp.17-22 (Hebrew)
                    *5. Dahan Kalev, H.,“Cama She’at Yaffa” (“How Pretty You are”) To The Teacher; ed.
                           P.Pery, Am Oved (Hebrew, Forthcoming)

 • Lectures and Presentations at International Conferences (Not Followed by Published papers):
(a) Presentation of Papers at Conferences

          *1. Dahan Kalev, . Dahan Kalev, H.; 1999, “Women Leaders in The Sepharadic
                Community”, Bar-Ilan University
          *2. H.; 1999 “Women’s Contribution to the Peace Process” Chair of Panel.
                          Economic Cooperation In The Mediterranean Basin Conference, Provance
                    *3. Dahan Kalev, H.; 1999, “The Mizrahi Women’s Impact on The Israeli-Palestinian
                         Conflict” Economic Cooperation In The Mediterranean Basin Conference, Provance
                    *4. Dahan Kalev, H.; 1999  “Women And Health” The First International Congress On
                         Women’s Health, Sirocco Hospital, Chairing plenary panel, Beer-Sheva
                    *5. Dahan Kalev, H.; 1999 “Women’s Leadership at the Capital” The 5th International
                         Congress on Educating Cities, Jerusalem
                    *6. Dahan Kalev, H.; 1999 “Gender Citizenship and Identity”, The International
                          Seminar Challenging The National State, Beer-Sheva
                    *7. Dahan Kalev, H.; 1998 “The Unheard Voice Of Mizrakhi Women”, The International
                        Conference of The  Association of Communication Jerusalem
                    *8 Dahan Kalev, H.;1998 “Mizrakhi Women In their First Steps In Israel”, The First
                        International Conference on Women in The Yishuv and in the State Periods,
                         Hebrew University
                    *9 Dahan Kalev, H. 1998 ;“The Democratic Mizrakhi Rainbow”, Ben Gurion University,
                         The First International Congress of The Center for the Third Sector
                  10. Dahan Kalev, H.; 1995 Women Rights are Human Rights - Focus on Youth; The
                          International Meeting for The Baijing Feminist Conference York University, March;
                          Toronto Canada
                   11. Dahan Kalev, H.; 1993 Ethnic Crisis In Israel, 4th International
                          Conference of The Society of History of European Ideas, Austria
                   12. Dahan Kalev, H.; 1992 Identity Crisis In The Modern State", 3rd International
                          Conference of The Society of History of European Ideas, Denmark
                   13. Dahan Kalev, H.; 1992 "Prominent Women In The Modern Society", 3rd
                          International Conference of The Society of  History of European Ideas, Denmark
                  14. Dahan Kalev, H.; 1991 "Changes in The Center Periphery Relationship   in Israel
                          The 15th International Conference  of APSA (American Political Science
                           Association), Argentina
                 15. Dahan Kalev, H.; 1991 "Ethnic Discrimination In Israel"; 1st and 2nd International
                         Conference for The Study of Discrimination, Jerusalem
                 16. Dahan Kalev, H,; Conference for The Study of Discrimination, Jerusalem

(c) Presentations in annual conferences of professional associations in Israel
  *1. Dahan Kalev, H.; 1999 “Women Between Ethnic and Gender Discrimination”, The Impact
         Of Mizrahi Culture On the Israeli Society, Van Leer Institute
                  *2. Dahan Kalev, H.; 1999, “Black Feminist Methodology” 1st Annual Conference for
                         Gender Studies Association, Tel Aviv University
                   *3.  Dahan Kalev, H.; 1999, “Bureaucracy, Democracy and the Respect Problem” The
                         Center for Tolerance Education” Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem
                    *4. Dahan Kalev, H.; 1997, “Women in Parties and Parties of Women”, The Annual
                         Conference of Political Science Association, Bar Ilan University
                    *5. Dahan Kalev, H.; 1998, Zionism and The ethnic Problem” The Center  For Ben
                         Gurion Heritage, Ben Gurion University
                    *6. Dahan Kalev, H.; 1998, “The Decent Society and The Individual” The Annual
                         Conference of Avihy fund Bar Ilan University
                    *7. Dahan Kalev, H.; 1997, “Mizrahi Feminism” The Annual seminar of Leifer Center for
                         Women Studies, The Hebrew University
                   *8. Dahan Kalev, H.; 1994, “Prominent Women In Israel” The Annual seminar of Leifer
                        Center for Women Studies, The Hebrew University
         (c) Keynote speaker at informal international seminars
                         1. Dahan Kalev, H.; 1994 “Women’s Role in Peace Promotion”, The International
                             Institute For Peace Promotion, Japan  - Keynote speaker
         (d) Seminar presentations at universities and institutions
1. Dahan Kalev, H.; 1991 “Social Protest Influence on The Israeli  Society"
                              Binational  Conference Bulgaria-Israel, Sophia

 Articles in preparation
1. Dahan Kalev, H.; “Gender and Ethnicity – The Case of Israeli Women”. To be published
     in a collection on Israeli Feminism, accepted, before revision, to be published in
     Routledge Press

Research in Progress
                   1. Leadership and Democracy in Municipalities in Israel, Beer-Sheva, 1999-
                       Co-researcher - Yotam Lurie
                       Research proposal sent to Sapir Fund, Tel Aviv and to be sent soon to Gugenheim
                       Fund. Expected date of completion - January 2000 (First stage)
                  2. Golda Meir – A Profile of A Women Leader, Co-researcher Rakefet Levkowitz

         (a) Membership on Board of directors
                   1. 1995- The New Israel Fund - The international Jewish fund for the promotion of
                       democracy and tolerance in Israel, Washington
                   2. 1996- Betzelem - Israe Information Center for Human Rights, Jerusalem
                   3. 1995- Adva Center for Social Research, Tel Aviv
                   4. 1996- Mitzad Sheni - The journal of the Center for Alternative Information, Jerusalem
                   5. 1996- The Democratic Mizrahi Rainbow - Founder and member of the accountability
   (b)  Organization and Initiation of Academic Conferences
                   1. May 2000 - Women In The Negev – Gender Studies at Ben Gurion University
                   2. 1998 - Developing Leadership in Local Government Fuhr Institute, School of
                        Management Ben Gurion University
                   3. 1997 - Local Government in Israel, Fuhr Institute, School of Management Ben Gurion
          (c)   Activity in the School of Management
                   1. 1996- Admission Committee, Public Policy and Administration, School of
                        Management, Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva
                   2. 1997, 1998 - Presentation of two papers in the School of Management
                   3. 1997- Organization of the seminar of the department of Public and Policy
                   4. 1997- Construction and application of a course on Political thought for
                       management students
                   5. 1998- Construction and implementation of a course for women in their midcareer in
                        the public service in Israel.
          (d) Editor of Readers for the School of Management Students
                   1. Dahan Kalev, H., 1997  A reader in political thought, Ben Gurion University
                   2. Dahan Kalev, H., 1997 A reader in Israeli politics, Ben Gurion University

         B.A. -  1978,  Hebrew University,  Jerusalem,  Political Science
         M.A. -  cum laude, 1982, Hebrew   University, Jerusalem, Political Science
                    Advisor: Dr. Bryan Knei-Paz
                    Title of thesis: Intellectuals in Politics
         Ph.D. - 1992, Hebrew University  Jerusalem, Political Science
                   Advisor: Professor Yithak Galnoor
                   Title of thesis: Self Organizing Systems: Wadi Salib and The Black Panthers Implications on the Israeli Society