Daniel J. Schroeter

Professor and Teller Family Chair in Jewish History
Department of History
University of California, Irvine

e-mail: djschroe@uci.edu

Areas of interest:
Jews of Morocco, Sephardi and Arab world.

Selected Publications:

The Sultan's Jew: Morocco and the Sephardi World. Stanford: Stanford
University Press (forthcoming)

Israel: An Illustrated History. New York: Oxford University Press, 1998

Merchants of Essaouira: Urban Society and Imperialism in Southwestern
Morocco, 1844-1886, Middle East Library, Cambridge: Cambridge University
Press, 1988; translated into Arabic as: Tujjar al-Sawira: al-mujtama' al-hadariyya
wa-l-imbiriyaliyya fi janub gharb al-Maghrib, 1886-1844, translated by Khalid
Ben Srhir. Rabat: Mohamed V University, Publications of Faculty of Letters and
Human Sciences, 1997.

In collaboration with Paul Pascon, et al, La Maison d'Iligh et l'histoire sociale du
Tazerwalt, Rabat: Société Marocaine des Editeurs Réunis: 1984

Articles and Chapters
"Juifs parmi les Berbères," in Juifs parmi les Berbères: Photographies d'Elias
Harrus, edited by Sarah Harel Hoshen, Paris: Musée d'Art et d'Histoire du
Judaïsme; Tel-Aviv: Beth Htefutsoth, Musée de la Diaspora, 1999), pp. 15-21.

"Royal Power and the Economy in Precolonial Morocco: Jews and the
Legitimation of Foreign Trade," In the Shadow of the Sultan: Culture, Power and
Politics in Morocco," edited by Rahma Bourqia and Susan G. Miller, Cambridge,
MA: Harvard University Press, 1999, pp. 74-102.

"Morocco, England, and the End of the Sephardic World Order," in From Iberia
to Diaspora: Studies in Sephardic History and Culture, edited by Yedida K.
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perceptions et réalités, edited by Michel Abitbol, Paris: Editions Stavit, 1997, pp.

With Joseph Chetrit: "The Transformation of the Jewish Community of Essaouira
(Mogador) in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries," in Sephardi and Middle
Eastern Jewries in Modern Times, edited by Harvey Goldberg, Bloomington:
Indiana University Press, 1996, pp. 99-116

With Joseph Chetrit, "Reform of Jewish Institutions in Morocco at the Beginning
of the Colonial Government (1912-1919)" [in Hebrew], Miqqedem Umiyyam, 6
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Mark R. Cohen and Abraham L. Udovitch, Princeton: Darwin Press, 1989, pp.

"The Politics of Reform in Morocco: The Writings of Yishaq Ben Ya'îs(h) Halewî
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comme documents d'histoire sociale," Revue de l'Occident Musulman et de la
Méditerranée, vol. 34, 2 (1982): 39-62 [A version of this article also appears in
Paul Pascon, et al., La Maison d'Iligh et l'histoire sociale du Tazerwalt, Rabat:
Société Marocaine des Editeurs Réunis, 1984, pp. 113-140]

"Anglo-Jewry and Essaouira (Mogador): 1860-1900. The Social Implications of
Philanthropy," Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England, 28
(1984): 60-88 [A translation of this article appeared in Hebrew in Pe'amim, 17
(1984): 5-35]

"The Jews of Essaouira (Mogador) and the Trade of Southern Morocco," in
Communautés juives des marges sahariennes du Maghreb, edited by Michel
Abitbol, Jerusalem: Institut Ben-Zvi, 1982, pp. 365-390