Rabbi Dr. Avrum M. Ehrlich


13 Ben Maimon St, Jerusalem.
Tel: 054-804727, Fax: 02-9933101,
Email: judea@netvision.net.il
Date of Birth: 30-12-1968
Year of Aliya: 1985


1999-2000, I have been awarded the British Council Scholarship to pursue
post-doctoral comparative research at the Department of Social and
Political Studies at Cambridge University. I seek to study the general
area of Church and State relations in Britain and Israel. Israel is in
dire need of a workable model to facilitate the complex religious and
political interaction within the country. British government has a long
history of negotiating its religious culture with the rule of law, a
study thereof may inspire useful paradigms for the Israeli model.
1998-1999, I am concluding a one year funded research period at the
Centre for Jewish Christian Relations in Cambridge, England. I
researched for a book on the general phenomenon of Christian Zionism.
This includes a historic study of various Christian movements from the
16th century until the present who see in the Jewish people and the Land
of Israel essential components of their religious doctrines. In addition
I am researching present day Christian Zionism, the reactions of Jews to
their views and the eschatological anticipation building up towards the
millennium. I have taken a long time interest in religious dialogue and
have initiated dialogue sessions with both Christians and Muslim groups
over a number of years but particularly during my time at Oxford and
                          presently in Cambridge.
1997-1988, In advance I admit that I have written quite a lot of quality
and original research but have not concentrated on publishing. Many of
these works are essentially complete but need a bit more attention
before publication. They include two books on Habad. Leadership
Strategies of the Lubavitch Messiah, A Study of Menachem Mendel
Schneerson and the second, Messianism, Resurrection and Lubavitch: A
Prognosis for the Future of the Habad Movement. A third book is already
being published by Jason Aronson, New Jersey, expected in August 1999
entitled Leadership in the Habad Movement: A Study of Habad History,
Leadership and Succession. I was offered a Koret Foundation grant to
help me publish  tis work.

In addition I translated the work by Yehuda Leib Maimon, Renewal of the
Sanhedrin in our New State, I wish to annotate it before I give it for
publication. I have also written various articles including ^ÓHabad vs
Lubavitch: How the Lubavitch dynasty emerged as the sole surviving Habad
                           sub-group^Ô, which I presented at the 12th World Conference of Jewish
Studies (Jerusalem 1997). I have given other talks for example ^ÓThe
Habad movement: resurrectionism, succession and continuity^Ô at the 10th
Annual Conference of Jewish Studies (Sydney 1996). And ^ÓRehabilitation
of Aged Holocaust Survivors^Ô at the 8th Annual Australian Conference of
Jewish Studies. (Sydney 1994). I have given various seminar papers at
various places including the Centre for Jewish Christian Relations on
Jewish messianism and Christian Zionism which I also intend to publish.
I taught the course Introduction to Sociology at the School of Nursing
and Medicine, Asaf Harofeh (1988).

1997, I worked for six months at Oxford University^Òs famous Jewish
society, L^ÒChaim. I was the director, administrator and teacher for
hundreds of Jewish students in a vibrant centre. My period there was
very successful. By leaving, I made a career decision to discontinue
          community activism which I had once championed preferring to pursue my
academic interests.
1994-1997, I studied for my Ph.D at Sydney University^Òs Department of
Semitic Studies on the subject of Habad leadership, this work is soon to
be published. I was interested in the sociology and the politics of
religious leadership as well as the use of theology and religious
rhetoric in achieving eminence. Throughout this period I worked
particularly as a rabbi in an orthodox community.
1993-1994, I completed my studies for rabbinical ordination (semikha) at
Yeshivat Tomchei Temimim, Lubavitch, Kfar Chabad. In addition I was
ordained by various non-hasidic rabbinic figures around Israel. I have
also studies in Yeshivat Etzion, Alon Shvut and Yeshivat Nir, Kiryat
Arba. I was a student at the Hartman Institute for a period of time
during an extended ^Ñfield trip^Ò to Israel in 1995.
1989-1993, I did my undergraduate degree at Bar Ilan University,
majoring in political science and minoring in Jewish philosophy. I
started a Masters degree there but discontinued deciding to continue
   with a Ph.D. During this student period I was heavily involved in
student union politics and served as the comptroller of the university
for over three years.
1986-1988, I combined yeshiva studies and army service in the Mahal
program. I served as a combat medic in an armoured infantry unit.

I aspire to modestly contribute to the area of Jewish political thought.
I have always been intrigued by the notion of ^Óauthority^Ô and have spent
time in the study of leadership, succession and authority. I am
interested in the tensions between synagogue and state, the development
of halakha and the challenges facing modern Jewish civilisation and the
Israeli State. I am interested in the public service, and believe that
academics should play a greater role in providing original solutions and
fresh approaches to problems of State.