Bat-Zion Klorman-Eraqi

Department of History
The Open University Of Israel
16 Klausner st.
Tel-Aviv 61392.



A. Articles in English (published articles in Hebrew are not given):
"The Messiah Shukr Kuhayl II (1868-1875) and His Tithe (ma'aser): Ideology
and Practice as A Means to Hasten Redemption," Jewish Quarterly Review 79
(2,3), 1988, pp. 199-217; reprinted in Essential Papers on Messianic
Movements and Personalities in Jewish History, edited by Marc Saperstein,
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Figures," Proceedings of the Tenth World Congress of Jewish Studies,
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(1-2), 1992, pp. 77-94.

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4 October 1993 pp. 714-725.

"The Yemeni Messiah in the Time of Maimonides: Prelude for Future Messiahs,"
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"The Jews of Yemen", The Jews of the Modern Middle East and North Africa,
eds. R. Simon, M. Laskier and S. Reguer, Columbia University Press, New York
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B. Books
The Jews Of Yemen In The Nineteenth Century: A Portrait Of A Messianic
Community, E. J. Brill: Leiden, 1993.
Messianism And Messiahs: the Jews of Yemen in the 19th Century, Hakibbutz
Hameuchad: Tel Aviv, 1995 (Hebrew).

C.      Articles in print (Hebrew)
"Illegal activities in Yemeni Jewish immigration to Palestine," Miqqedem
Umiyyam, 7 (2000)
"Aharon 'Afgin and the immigration from northern Yemen - historiographic
discussion," Pe`amim, 2000.
"Yemeni ritual slaughterers and butchers in the Moshavot"
"Rabbi Kook and the Yemeni ritual slaughter."

Selected courses related to Sephardic studies:

Jews and Muslims: social, religious and cultural encounters.
The messianic idea and messianic movements in Islamic lands
Jewish settlement in Palestine in the 16th - 20th centuries
Spanish exiles in North Africa between the 15th-18th centuries
The Jews of North Africa during the colonial period
The Jews of Yemen in the 18th-20th centuries
The Jews of Iraq in modern times
Immigration waves: from Islamic lands to the Land of Israel.

Current research project:
Yemeni Jews in Palestine - Organization, Settlement and Relations with the Yishuv's leadership.