Jill Kushner

        UCLA Dept. of Anthropology
        Box 951553
        Los Angeles, CA  90095-1553.
        E-mail: jkushner@ucla.edu

I'm a Ph.D. candidate in Linguistic Anthropology at UCLA.  I'm working on my
dissertation, entitled "Judeo-Spanish in Israel: Ideological Bases for
Maintenance and Decline".

Judeo-Spanish language and folklore, language shift, language maintenance, language ideology, language and nationalism, Hebrew revitalization.

Conference papers:

Reconciling Change: Creating Coherence through Sephardic Narrative.
Paper given at the Invited Presidential Symposium of the 98th Annual Meeting
of the American Anthropological Association, Chicago – 1999

It hurts my heart: Language Shift and Language Ideology in the Sephardic
Community of Jerusalem.  Paper given at the 11th British Conference on
Judeo-Spanish Studies, London – June 1999

These are the words they don’t put in these stories: The Negotiation of
Sephardic Moral  Frameworks through Narrative.  Paper given at PRAGMA, Tel
Aviv – 1999 & the American Association for Applied Linguistics, Seattle –1998