Dr. Judith R. Cohen

CURRICULUM VITAE (short version/version raccourcie)

 Dr. Judith R. Cohen, ethnomusicologist/ethnomusicologue
 751 Euclid Avenue                                Born 9/12/49, Montreal
 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6G 2V3                 Phone: 533-2666 (also fax)
 E-mail: judithc@yorku.ca
alternative: judithrc@hotmail.com;

Current Occupations:
Research Grants:
SSHRC:  New Directions in Judeo-Spanish Song; Crypto-Jewish Traditions 1998-2001
Canada Council Artists Grant, cross-cultural ballad performance/research genre, 1997-8
Office of Research Assistance, York University, Crypto-Jewish musical traditions
Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, New York, 1998-9
Adjunct Graduate Faculty, York University, Music Department (part-time);
Winter term 1999: Wilfrid Laurier University (Music of the World's Peoples);
Spring 1999: Guest Instructor: Sephardic Studies Institute, Alcalá de Henares University, Spain
Performer; Lecturer, Consultant: Judeo-Spanish; Yiddish,Medieval;Hispanic, French Canada, Balkan,  children: voice, traditional instruments, lecture-demonstrations
Judeo-Spanish songs while focussing as well on (1) Crypto-Jewish musical traditions in Portugal and Spain; (2) invented
"Sephardic" festivals in Spain and Portugal and their use of musical traditions.
Fieldwork/enquêtes:  Canada, Israel,  Spain, Morocco, Istanbul, Thessaloniki, Portugal

Ph.D. Musicologie, Université de Montréal 1989

1980  Le Rôle des Femmes-Musiciennes dans l'Espagne Médiévale dans les Communautés Chrétienne, Juive et    Musulmane,     M.A. thesis, Université de Montréal, UMI #1319039.
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1989a Judeo-Spanish Song in the Sephardic Communities of Montreal and Toronto, Ph.D. Dissertation, Université de      Montréal, UMI #8918229.
1989b "The Impact of Mass Media and Acculturation on Judeo-Spanish Song", in Simon Frith, ed., World Music, Politics and Social Change, Manchester U.P.: 90-97.
1990  "Musical Bridges: The Contrafact Tradition in Judeo-Spanish Song",  in Cultural Marginality in the Western Mediterranean Toronto, New Aurora Editions: 121-128.
1992  "1492-1992 Revisited: The Sephardic Song 'Revival' ", withCD, Musicworks (Toronto) 54:36-42
1993  "Sonography of Judeo-Spanish Song, with commentary", Jewish Folklore and Ethnology Review, 15/2:49-55, updates 17/1-2:72-3; 18/1-2:96-100.
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1997b "Evolving Roles of Women in Judeo-Spanish Song", in "Hispano-Jewish Civilization after 1492" ,    Jerusalem, Misgav
Yerushalayim: 82-100
 1997c      "¡Ay! Ribadavia: Recreating Sephardic Culture in a Galician  Town", TRANSIberia I: Transcultural Music Review.
> http://www2.uji.es-trans-TRANSiberia1-%20Cohen.html
1998a        "Back to the Future: New Directions in Judeo-Spanish Song", in From Iberia to Diaspora, ed.         Yedida Stillman and Norman Stillman :496-514
1998b "Humour and Satire in Judeo-Spanish Song", in Studies in Social-Musical Sciences, ed.  J.      Braun, Bar-Ilan University Press: 233-244
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1999b "Music and the Reconstruction of Iberian Crypto-Jewish Identity" in Proceedings of the         European Association for Jewish Studies , Toledo, Spain, 1998 (in preparation)
1999c    "We've always sung it that way: Re/Appropriation of  Medieval Spanish-Jewish Culture in a Galician  Town", in Charting Memory: Images of Medieval Spain, ed. S. Beckwith,  in preparation

 SELECTED PAPERS/COMMUNICATIONS (unpublished/non-éditées)
1990  "The Medieval Sephardic Fusion Song", Kalamazoo Medieval Congress.
1992     "1992 and the Mediaization of Judeo-Spanish Song", SEM (Society
1990  "The Medieval Sephardic Fusion Song", Kalamazoo Medieval Congress.
1992     "1992 and the Mediaization of Judeo-Spanish Song", SEM (Society for Ethnomusicology)
1993  "Music as a Unifying Force in Toronto's Bombay Jewish Community",FSAC, Ottawa.
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1996  "Presenting Ballads: Beyond Eurocentricity", International Ballad Symposium, Swansea,
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1997b    "The Ethnomusicologist as Applied Contrafactotum", World Union of Jewish Studies
1998a    "The Ethnologist as Neo-Inquisitor: among the Crypto-Jews of Portugal", FSAC, Ottawa
1998b    "Mos Morrimos de Frio, Judeo-Spanish Songs in Canada", Jewish Studies, York University
1998c     "Levels of Tradition, Levels of Interference", Iberian Ethnomusicology Society, Granada
1998d     "Humour in Luso-Hispanic Song", Keynote Address, International Society for Luso-Hispanic     Humour Studies, Sudbury, Ontario
1998e    "Crypto is as Crypto Does, Towards a Crypto-Jewish Musical Ethnography", SEM Indiana
1998f         "Re-created Music and Re-created Identities in Imagined Iberian Jewish Communities", Canadian         Society for Traditional Music, Winnipeg

1983/5/9;1994    Vocals, instrumentals: GERINELDO: Chansons traditionnelles judeo-espagnoles
1991  Con Viela y Mochila ("With Vielle and Backpack"), (solo) Madrid, Saga SEC10579.
1992a Primavera en Salónica: Canciones de los sefardíes y sus vecinos Madrid, SagaSEC10587
1994  "Dized', ¡,ay!, Trobadores'", Monofonías Medievales , , solo; Madrid, Saga KPD10914 (CD).
1997      Dans mon chemin j'ai rencontré: Songs of Meetings and Travelling, with Tamar Ilana Cohen  Adams, Rob Simms,  Radio Canada/Interdisc (Prix Marcel Blouin 1994)

 University of Arizona,  Tucson 1997; University of Utah, 1998, Complutense University (Madrid), University of Santiago de Compostela; Alcalá de Henares University , University of Salamanca, 1996-8, European Association for Jewish Studies 1998 ;Ciclo de Cultura Hispano-hebrea, Segovia, Spain, 1994;  Sons de Matria/Festa da Istoria, Ribadavia/Compostela, Spain 1994-8; Artword Theatre Festival Toronto, May 1996; Jewish Storytelling Festival, Toronto; Portugal 1996-8;
Also, with Na Carenza (medieval), Gerineldo (Judeo-Spanish),Nova Tradicija   (Balkan women's songs)


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