Dr. Michael Halevy

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D-Hamburg 20116
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Email: mihalevy@aol.com

Michael Studemund Halévy: Born in Hamadzija (Azerbaidzan) of an Italian father and a Hungarian mother;
raised in Portugal and the Netherlands,
undergraduate studies in Lausanne and Lisbon (Psychiatry, Psychology, Balkan Linguistics),
postgraduate studies (Linguistics, Romance and Oriental Languages) in Perugia, Hamburg and Bucharest,
researcher at the Institute of Ibero-American Languages of the University of Hamburg.
1974-1978 research work in Psycholinguistics,
1978-1982 assistant director a publishing company.
Since 1994 reseacher at the Institute of the History of the German Jews (Hamburg).

Research interests: Judezmo, Marrano-Diaspora, Sefardic art, Portuguese-Jewish Epigraphy

In addition to more than 30 published books I am  the author of numerous scholarly and  journalistic articles (Romania Judaica, Aschkenas, Revue des Études Juives, Lusorama, Revista de Estudos Judaicos, Los Muestros etc in several languages (German, French, Rumanian, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew etc).

Recent books:
1     Bibliographie zur Geschichte der Juden in Hamburg (Saur, München-New York, 1994)
2     Die Sefarden in Hamburg. Zur Geschichte einer Minderheit. 2 vols (Buske, Hamburg,  1994-1997)
3     BETAHAIM - Sefardische Gräber in Schleswig-Holstein (Augustin, Glückstadt, 1997)
4     BLHS - Biographisches Lexikon der Hamburger Sefarden (Hamburg, Christian, autumn 1999 )

Books in progress:
1     Jewish Life in Portugal (with Esther Mucznik, Lisbon)
2     The Sefardim and the Shoa
3     The Portuguese Betahaim in Hamburg