Dr. Judith S. Neulander

Research Associate
The Folklore Institute, Indiana University

Contact info: 611 N. Fess # 2D
              Bloomington, IN 47408
              (812) 857-9699

Research Interest:  Judeo-Spanish traditional arts and folklore; influence on host cultures, particularly in the present day


1992. "Creating the Universe: A Study of Cosmos and Cognition"  Folklore Forum, 25:1 (pp.3-18).

1994. "Crypto-Jews of the Southwest: An Imagined Community" Jewish Folklore and Ethnology Review (JFER), 16:1
          (pp.  64-68).
1996. "The New Mexican Crypto-Jewish Canon: Choosing to be 'Chosen' in Millenial Tradition"  JFER, 18:1-2 (pp. 19-58).

1998. "Jewish Oral Traditions" in Teaching Oral Tradition, ed. John Miles  Foley.  New York: MLA. (pp. 225-238).


2000. "Do You Bow?: Dancing to the Image of the Sabbath Queen" in JFER.

2000. "UFO Abduction Narratives: A History, Interpretation and Classification of Genre"  Journal of American Folklore.

Projects in-the-works:

1. Veneration of the biblical Esther through time, in different religious belief systems (e.g., as "Santa Ester, Reina" in Spanish
     Catholicism,  among other non-Jewish and Jewish traditions).

2. A book on Judeo-Spanish cultural items still extant in the modern calendrical cycle of Iberian folk festivals.