Rosa Blanco


My main interest is the field of Jewish languages: Aramaic, Yiddish and Ladino in a comparative perspective analysing the religious texts and the way they all translated and interpreted the Bible.

PhD student in Hebrew and Aramaic Philology at University of  Barcelona (Spain).My doctoral dissertation is "The Yiddish translations of Targum Canticles".  I is to make a critical edition once I make the stemma codicum and chose the Base Text. My supervisor is Dr. Luis Diez Merino from the Hebrew and Aramaic Department at University of Barcelona.

Visiting researcher at the Theological University Kampen in The Netherlands. Grant awarded by the "Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek" (Dutch Organisation for the Scientific Research). I joined the team working in the edition of the  "Bilingual Concordance of the Targum of the Prophets" (BCTP) published by Brill. In January 1998 the BCTP team organised the "Colloquium on the Aramaic Bible" where I read a paper entitled: "Rabbinic Parallels to Targum Amos".

In 1998 I enroled in the PostGraduate Diploma in Jewish Studies at the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies (UK).
I focused on Yiddish studies. My dissertation was entitled: "Targumic elements in Me´am Lo´ez and Tsene-rene in Esther 7".