Prof. Walter Zenner

Anthro. Dept, University @ Albany, Albany NY, 12222.
Phone: 518-489-5787 (h) and 518-442-4718 (o). Fax: 518-442-5710

Research interests:  Syrian and other Sephardic and Middle Eastern Jews; Ethnicity; Minorities, Arab-Jewish relations

Major publications

Persistence & Flexibility: Anthropological Perspectives on the American Jewsih Experience (Albany: S.U.N.Y. Press, 1988)

Minoroties in the Middle East (Albany: S.U.N.Y. Press, 1991)

[with S. Deshen, eds), Jews among Muslims: Communities in the PreColonial Middle East (N.Y.: NYU Press, 1996)

A Global Community: the Jews from Aleppo, Syria (Wayne State University Press, in press)