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Paul Starr

Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs, and Stuart Professor of Communications and Public Affairs, Princeton University

Photo: January 18, 2011; photographer: Chris Vultaggio. Intelligence Squared debate, as seen on Bloomberg TV.

New edition: The Social Transformation of American Medicine (May 30 2017), updated from the original 1982 edition, with a 22,000-word epilogue on the evolution of health care over past 35 years.

Recent writing

  • "Rebounding with Medicare: Reform and Counter-Reform in American Health Care," Journal of Health Politics, Policy, and Law (August 2018).
  • "A New Strategy for Health Care," The American Prospect (Winter 2018), 51-57.
  • "Achievement without Credit: The Obama Presidency and Inequality," in Julian Zelizer, ed., The Presidency of Barack Obama: A First Historical Assessment >, (Princeton University Press, 2018), 45-61.
  • "An American Way for America Now," The American Prospect (Fall 2017), 5-7.
  • "Making the Exchanges More Competitive by Bringing Medicare into the Fold," Health Affairs Blog, August 9, 2017 [with Gerard Anderson and Jacob S. Hacker]
  • "Who Are We Americans Now?" The American Prospect(Winter 2017), 19-23.
  • "Cultures of Impunity," The American Prospect (Summer 2015), 5.
  • "Is the Past in Our Future?" [Review of Thomas Piketty, Capital in the Twenty-First Century] Contemporary Sociology (November 2014).
  • "The Growth Paradox: If Our Technology Is So Smart, Why Aren't We All Getting Richer?" The New Republic (July 14, 2014), 37-41.
  • "A Different Road to a Fair Society," New York Review of Books May 22, 2014.
  • Center-left Liberalism," Oxford Companion to American Politics (2012).
  • " An Unexpected Crisis: The News Media in Post-Industrial Democracies" in John Lloyd and Janice Winter (eds.), Media, Politics and the Public (Stockholm: Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation, 2011), 21-29; reprinted in International Journal of Press/Politics (2012)17: 234-242. See also Michael Schudson and Katherine Fink, "Guiding Starr: Freedom of expression is not freedom of the press" Columbia Journalism Review (May-June 2012).
  • "Dodging a Bullet: Democracy’s Gains in Modern War," in Elizabeth Kier and Ronald R. Krebs, eds., In War’s Wake: International Conflict and the Fate of Liberal Democracy (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2010), 50-66.

    Critical evaluations: "Transforming American Medicine: A Twenty-Year Retrospective," Special issue, Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law (2004). Reviews of The Creation of the Media. Reviews of Freedom's Power, available in paperback with a new subtitle: The History and Promise of Liberalism. Why the change? Here's the rationale.

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