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Online Papers

"Are There Any Successful Philosophical Arguments?" (with Sarah McGrath) Forthcoming in an OUP festschrift for Peter van Inwagen. (pdf file)
"Evidence Can Be Permissive." Steup, Turri, and Sosa (eds.), Contemporary Debates in Epistemology, 2nd edition (Blackwell): 298-313 (2014). (abstract) (pdf file)
"Quine and Epistemology." Gilbert Harman and Ernest Lepore (eds.), The Blackwell Comapnion to Quine (Blackwell): 17-37 (2014). (abstract) (pdf file)
"Disagreement and the Burdens of Judgment." David Christensen and Jennifer Lackey (eds.), The Epistemology of Disagreement: New Essays (OUP): 31-53 (2013). (abstract) (pdf file)
"Following the Argument Where It Leads." Philosophical Studies 154 (1): 105-124 (2011). (abstract) (pdf file)
"Taking Things for Granted: Comments on Harman and Sherman." Philosophical Studies 156 (1): 141-147 (2011).(abstract) (pdf file)
"Consensus Gentium: Twenty-First Century Reflections on the 'Common Consent' Argument for the Existence of God." In Kelly Clark and Raymond Van Arragon (eds.) Evidence and Religious Belief (OUP): 135-156 (2011). (abstract) (pdf file)
"Is Reflective Equilibrium Enough?" (with Sarah McGrath), Philosophical Perspectives 24 (1): 325-359 (2010). (abstract) (pdf file)
"Peer Disagreement and Higher Order Evidence." in Richard Feldman and Ted Warfield (eds.), Disagreement (OUP): 111-174 (2010). (abstract) (pdf file)
    *Nominated for inclusion in the 2010 Philosopher's Annual.
    *Abridged version in Alvin Goldman and Dennis Whitcomb (eds.), Social Epistemology: Essential Readings (OUP): 183-217 (2011).
"Hume, Norton, and Induction without Rules." Philosophy of Science 77: 754-764 (2010). (abstract) (pdf file)
"Disagreement, Dogmatism, and Belief Polarization." The Journal of Philosophy 105 (10): 611-633 (2008). (abstract) (pdf file)
    *Nominated for inclusion in the 2008 Philosopher's Annual.
"Common Sense as Evidence: Against Revisionary Ontology and Skepticism." in Peter French and Howard Wettstein, eds. Midwest Studies in Philosophy: Truth and Its Deformities 32: 53-78 (2008). (abstract) (pdf file)
"Evidence: Fundamental Concepts and the Phenomenal Conception." Philosophy Compass 3 (5): 933-955 (2008). (abstract) (pdf file)
"Evidence." Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2006). (abstract) (
"Evidence and Normativity: Reply to Leite." Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 75 (2): 465-474 (2007). (abstract) (pdf file)
"The Cost of Skepticism: Who Pays?" Philosophical Studies 131 (3): 695-712 (2006). (abstract) (pdf file)
"The Epistemic Significance of Disagreement." Oxford Studies in Epistemology 1: 167-196 (2005).(abstract) (pdf file)
"Moorean Facts and Belief Revision or Can the Skeptic Win?" Philosophical Perspectives 19: 179-209 (2005). (abstract) (pdf file)
"Sunk Costs, Rationality, and Acting for the Sake of the Past." Nous 38: 1: 612-640 (2004). (abstract) (pdf file)
"Epistemic Rationality as Instrumental Rationality: A Critique." Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 66 (3): 612-640 (2003). (abstract) (pdf file)
"The Rationality of Belief and Some Other Propositional Attitudes." Philosophical Studies 110: 163-196 (2002). (abstract) (pdf file)
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