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Some Graduate Seminars

Theory of Knowledge (with John Hawthorne) (Spring 2013) (syllabus (in pdf))
Moral Epistemology (with Sarah McGrath) (Spring 2010) (syllabus (in pdf))
Classics of Analytic Philosophy (with Delia Graff Fara) (Fall 2009, Fall 2008) (syllabus (in pdf))
Themes from Boghossian, Christensen and DeRose (Spring 2009) (syllabus (in pdf))
Evidence (with Bas van Fraassen) (Spring 2008) (syllabus (in pdf))
Rationality and Objectivity (Spring 2006) (syllabus (in pdf))
Common Sense and Philosophy (Spring 2006) (syllabus (in pdf))
updated: 16 Jun 2014