2M1207 Planetary System Data

2M1207 is the the first planetary system to be directly imaged! See the ESO press release for images and additional information.

However, the parent "star", designated 2MASS J12073346-3932539, is a brown dwarf, not a true star, so it may not be appropriate to consider objects orbiting it planets.

Planet Orbital Elements Orbital Period (years) Mass (ME) Discovery
Designation Semimajor Axis (AU)Eccentricity Discoverer NameAnnouncement Date
2M1207 b 55  >24501000 to 2000 G. Chauvin, et al2004 Sep 10
1 AU = 1.49597870691·1011 m            1 year = 365.25 days = 31557600 s            1 ME = 5.9742·1024 kg

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