Planet Mars Data

Orbital Elements
Semimajor Axis:1.52371 AU
Argument of Perifocus:286.5°
Longitude of Ascending Node:49.6°
Mean Motion:0.52407109° per day
Time of Periapsis:2007 Jun 01, 07:20 UT
Orbital Period:686.92971 days
Mass:0.10745 ME
Equatorial Radius:0.53213 RE
Rotational Inclination:25.19°
Rotational Period:24.622962 hours
Mean Surface Temperature:-60°C
Mean Surface Pressure:0.0056 bar
Atmospheric Composition:CO2 95%, N2 2.7%, Ar 1.6%


Satellite Name Orbital Semimajor Axis (km) Orbital Period (days) Mass (kg) Discovery
Discoverer NameAnnouncement Date
Phobos 9377.20.3189101.08·1016 A. Hall1877
Deimos 23463.21.2624411.80·1015

1 AU = 1.49597870691·1011 m            1 year = 365.25 days = 31557600 s
1 ME = 5.9742·1024 kg            1 RE = 6.378136·106 m

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