Campus Maps

Visitors have a number of options for exploring the University. They can ride the free campus shuttle, take a campus tour, visit the Frist Campus Center and its Welcome Desk, or explore it on their own with assistance from the maps below.

Interactive Map

The interactive map allows users to search the campus map by building, department, student organization, facilities, residential colleges, athletic fields and parking lots.

Printable Maps

Printable Campus Map & Key (.pdf)
Quick map (.gif) Quick directory (.txt)

Accessibility Map

The University's accessibility map (.pdf) shows accessible buildings, walkways and parking areas. For more specific information about accessibility, contact the office you are visiting, Transportation and Parking Services or the Office of Disability Services.

Bicycle Map

Biking is a popular mode of transportation on campus, and Princeton's bicycle map shows bike racks and paths on and around campus.

Construction Updates