In the spring of 2006 we again asked the Princeton University community to submit images—and, for the first time, videos and sounds—produced in the course of research or incorporating tools and concepts from science. Out of nearly 150 entries from 16 departments, we selected 56 works to appear in the 2006 Art of Science exhibition.

The practices of science and art both involve the single-minded pursuit of those moments of discovery when what one perceives suddenly becomes more than the sum of its parts. Each piece in this exhibition is, in its own way, a record of such a moment. They range from the image that validates years of research, to the epiphany of beauty in the trash after a long day at the lab, to a painter's meditation on the meaning of biological life.

We thank all those who submitted their work to this year's competition. By sharing their imagination, as well as the fruits of their research, they have reaffirmed the deep links between art and science.

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Jennifer Rea 06

Isolated Hairpin
Melissa Green GS

Easter Bonnet
Qiangfei Xia GS

One or the Other
Darren Rand GS, Jayson Paulose 07, and Ken Steiglitz

Jean-Baptiste Boule, Matthieu Coppey, and Thomas Gregor

Seahorse Anatomy
Elina Mer

Mapping Urban Fluxes
Aurel von Richthofen GS and Hyundai Kim GS

Desert Jewels
David Potere GS

Battle Damage
Aaron Prescott 06, Travis Smith 06, Phillip Kang 06, and Nathan Domingue 06

Nesting Leatherback Sea Turtle
Celene Chang 06

Interior Vacuum Vessel NSTX
Elle Starkman and Charles Skinner

Organized Dust
Andrew Zwicker, Emily Margolis, Everett Schlawin, and Will Gannett

Worm Patterns
Bethany Johnson-Kerner and William Ryu

Five-Horned Eggshell
Nir Yakoby and Maria Pia Rossi

Meeting of the Minds
Keith Morton GS and Eric Fountain GS

Elle Starkman and Andrew Post-Zwicker

Turbulent Channel Structures
Melissa Green

Falling apart
Joerg Schroeer

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