William Gleason • Department of EnglishPrinceton University

Upcoming courses:

Spring 2016 — ENG 385: Children's Literature

Recent courses:

ENG 357: Topics in American Literature: American Best Sellers

ENG 351: American Literature, 1865-1930

ENG 700: Ideals, Utopias, Disappointments (graduate reading course)

ENG/ENV 386: Literature and Environment

AMS 201: American Places: An Introduction to American Studies

AMS 303: The Making of Modern Baseball

ENG 555: Archives of 19th-Century American Childhood (graduate seminar)

ENG 555: Architecture and 19th-Century American Literature (graduate seminar)

ENG 555: The Rise of the Popular, 1790-1900 (graduate seminar)

ENG 555: New Directions in American Realism, Regionalism, & Naturalism (graduate seminar)

ENG 581: Graduate Pedagogy Seminar


Ezra Jack Keats, The Snowy Day

ENG 385: Children's Literature

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