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Who are we? The Princeton Capoeira group was started in the Spring of 2002. We are taught by Mestre Zumbi and are affiliated with Grupo Senzala.

Our classes focus on the movements of capoeira, the history and traditions of the artform and the dynamics of the roda (go here for more information about capoeira). In addition we have classes on Afro-Brazilian dance, the songs of capoeira and capoeira instruments. You can find out more about our classes here.

Where can I see capoeira? Our group performs regularly throughout the area at schools, cultural events, and just about any occasion. (contact us for information about performances). We also frequently have outdoor rodas on Nassau St. in Princeton on Friday afternoons when the weather is warm. The best way to see capoeira however is to come to one of our classes and try it for yourself!

Community. Part of our group's mission is to share this art form with the community around us. We have work with the Community House program here in Princeton to fund capoeira for children and adults in the Witherspoon Community. In addition, we have capoeira classes for children in the broader community offered through the Princeton YWCA and adult classes in the Princeton Academy of Martial Arts. (class schedule)

photo :: Mosca

photo :: Mosca
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