Learn how to deploy, direct and utilize autonomous vehicles (and other mobile sensing platforms) most efficiently to sample the ocean, assimilate the data into numerical models in real or near-real time, and predict future conditions with minimal error.

  •  Demonstrate ability to provide adaptive sampling and evaluate benefits of adaptive sampling.

  •  Coordinate multiple assets to optimize sampling at the physical scales of interest.

  •  Understand dynamics of 3D upwelling centers.

Current Experiment

ASAP Virtual Control Room at MBARI Introduction/Overview


Harvard HOPS ASAP Page

Princeton Glider Coordinated Control System (GCCS):
Glider Planner and Status; Glider Prediction; Trajectory Optimizer;
Trajectory Viewer


Summary of Three Ocean Models

WHOI Glider Page

SIO Spray Glider Page

ASAP media web portal

NPS Aircraft and Currents

 Past Virtual Pilot Experiments
vps#1  vps#2 vps#3 vps#4  vps#5

MURI Principal Investigators:

  Collaborating PIs:  
Naomi Leonard
(PI, co-leader) 
Princeton University  
Steven Ramp
Naval Postgraduate School
Jim Bellingham
Russ Davis 
Scripps Institution of Oceanography 
David Fratantoni
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Yi Chao
Pierre Lermusiaux 
Harvard University  
Jerrold Marsden
California Institute of Technology
Sharan Majumdar
University of Miami
Allan Robinson 
Harvard University  
Henrik Schmidt
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Igor Shulman

Ralf Bachmayer
(Canadian collaborator)
National Research Council
 Institute of Ocean Technology, Canada



Princeton Team: Dimitri Gurkins; Francois Lekien; Derek Paley; Fumin Zhang
ASAP Documents:
  Excerpts from the proposal Draft Adaptive Sampling Plan for Gliders in 2006 Field Experiment
  ASAP Virtual Pilot Study (VPS) MB2006 seminar series
Kickoff meeting: 28-29 June 2004 at Princeton University
  Overview (Leonard/Ramp)
10 minutes presentation on top three tasks


NPS   Princeton WHOI  SIO 
NRC-IOT Harvard MIT  Caltech (movies)
Feb. Planning meeting: 17-18 Feb 2005 at Scripps Institution of Oceanography
ONR(Curtin) NPS Princeton WHOI  
  Harvard NRL  JPL
  Caltech AESOP  LOCO


OCT. Planning meeting: 06-07 Oct 2005 at Princeton University       
  Project Overview and Plans Field Experiment Plans  OSSEs (Harvard)
  Data Activities (MBARI)   Collective Software (MBARI)  MB'06 Structure (ONR)
  Spray Operation (SIO)  MIT_1        MIT_2  
ASAP Hot Wash Meeting:   01-03 Nov 2006 at Stanford Sierra Camp, CA   
NPS Aircraft and Moorings Group
(Ramp, Bahr, Anderson, Grimmett)

Princeton Adaptive Sampling and Coordinated Control (Leonard)

Havard HOPS Report (Lermusiaux)

SIO  Spray Glider Activities  (Davis)

MBARI Heat Flux Metrics (Bellingham, Zhang)

JPL ROMS Report (Chao, Farrara, Li)

WHOI Slocum Glider Report  (Fratantoni)

MBARI Review of data systems and collaborative portal  (Bellingham, Godin)

NRL NCOM Report (Shulman)

MBARI Observations: Cruises, Drifters, and DORADO (Chavez)

Prioritized Missions (ASAP team) UM ROMS Report (Majumdar)

AESOP Observations (Rudnick, Johnston)

  Caltech LCS Report (Marsden, Bastide, Du Toit, Shadden)
MIT Operations (Schmidt, Bahr)    


Links     Autonomous Ocean Sampling Network II   MB2006




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