Inference in Nonstandard Problems June 2012
Inference in Nonstandard Problems
Princeton University, June 9, 2014 and June 10, 2014
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             Presenters and University Affiliations                      


Bugni, Federico

Duke University


Canay, Ivan

Northwestern University


Cattaneo, Matias

University of Michigan


Cheng, Xu

University of Pennsylvania


Fernandez-Val, Ivan

Boston University


Kaido, Hiroaki

Boston University


Kim, Kyoo il

University of Minnesota

  Li, Jia Duke University

McCloskey, Adam

Brown University


Menzel, Konrad

New York University


Rothe, Christoph

Columbia University


Santos, Andres

University of California, San Diego


Shi, Xiaoxia

University of Wisconsin-Madison


Stoye, Joerg

Cornell University










This event is part of the CEME and sponsored NSF, NBER, AND ERP