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Summer Arabic Study
Information for Princeton Students
Prepared by Greg Bell, Lecturer in Arabic, Department of Near Eastern Studies

Important Funding Dates:

Princeton undergrads should apply for funding via the Student Activities Funding Engine (SAFE)  Among other awards, the Dean's Fund for Study Abroad offers competitive awards to students on financial aid for summer language study. Application is via SAFE. The application deadline is generally in early March, but check for details.

Grad students should apply to PIIRS for summer-language funding, also via SAFE (see; the deadline for PIIRS graduate-funding applications is generally in early to mid-February.

Funding and General Information

For those of you interested in study abroad, you will first want to consult the website of Princeton’s Office of International Programs (, and its Study Abroad Program page at You will find important information there about both funding opportunities and University credit.  Please note, if you want to earn Princeton credit for courses taken in any summer program, you must consult the Office of International Programs well before you head off to study at these programs.

Students seeking funding from the Department or Program in Near Eastern Studies should consult the following: Graduate students can obtain an application from the Department website at Undergraduates should apply directly via the SAFE portal

Another source of funding is the federal Critical Language Study fellowship, administered by the American Councils for International Education.  Information on this fellowship can be found at  (Note: The application deadline for summer 2015 CLS scholarships is Wednesday, November 12, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. EST.)  Greg Bell was the academic director for the CLS program in Oman in 2010 and 2011; he can speak to you about the CLS experience, as can Princeton students who have been awarded CLS grants in the past (see Princeton Resource People, below).

Finally, be sure to look into any scholarships or funding offered by language programs themselves.  Many programs have money to help those who wish to attend them, with awards based on need and/or qualifications. This is particularly true of U.S.-based programs which tend to be costly, but which often have funding available.

Travel Warnings and Advisories: If you are planning to study abroad, you should the U.S. Government's international travel site where you will find country-specific information, travel warnings and alerts, and lots of other information (including a section on “International Travel Safety Information for Students”).  The State Department’s travel warnings are of particular importance as the University will not fund or endorse programs in countries on the travel warning list (see, where there is information about this policy and possible exemptions).  As of  6 March 2017, Arab countries on the warning list include Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Israel/West Bank/Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Republic of South Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen.  Please note that both Egypt and Jordan were placed on the list again on 23 December 2016; previous travel alerts which had been posted for Bahrain and Djibouti seem to have been canceled, but you will need to consult the Office of International Programs about these destinations and keep abreast of developments in these countries. Programs in the list below taking place in countries with travel warnings have been noted.

General Guides to Summer Arabic Programs (Back to top)

For Arabic summer programs, both in the U.S. and abroad, two highly recommended links are:

The Middle East Studies Association (MESA) provides information about summer Arabic programs at

The American Association of Teachers of Arabic (AATA) also provides a wealth of information about Arabic programs at

Also useful may be The Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA) database of less commonly taught language programs at

Programs and Princeton Resource People (Back to top)

Following is a list of programs for which Princeton students or instructors have volunteered to serve as information resources.  The people listed here will welcome inquiries from students about the programs they have attended.

Program and URL Resource People at Princeton
AALIM, Meknes, Morocco (see also The Rihla Program below)
Kate Maffey '16 (
Al-Akhawayn University, Morocco
Debora Darabi (
Jill Jarvis GS (
David Lennington GS (
Rachel Webb (
Allison Wood (
Jesse Young (
Arabic Language Institute in Fez (ALIF), Morocco
Nathan Hodson (
Peter Tzeng ‘10 (
Robert Joyce (
Stevie Peacock '16 (
American University of Beirut (See Travel Warning above)
David Lennington GS (
Daniel Tavana GS (
American University in Cairo (AUC) (See Travel Warning above)
Nathan Hodson (
David Lennington (
AMIDEAST (various locations including Amman, Jordan and Rabat, Morocco)
Coy Ozias '18 (
Tori Rinker '16 (
Jasmine Robinson '16 (
Daniel Teehan '17 (
Majida Halaweh '18 (
Alex Regent '18 (
Beloit College (Wisconsin)
Eric Runkel '17 (
Tarek Elsayed (
Center for Arabic Studies Abroad (CASA) Greg Bell (
Nancy Coffin (
Tom Hefter (
Anita Husen ( Nadirah Mansour GS (
Center for International Learning (Muscat, Oman) Jasmine Robinson '16 (
CET, Jordan (See Travel Warning above)
Ryan Fulmer '16 (
Kate Maffey '16 (
Jasmine Robinson '16 (
Columbia University (New York)
Jill Jarvis (
Critical Language Scholarship (CLS), various locations
Tyler Lawrence '16 (
Jeff Morshed ( Jasmine Robinson '16 (
Nadirah Mansour GS (
al-Diwan, Cairo (2 centers) (See Travel Warning above)
Eliza Stone (
Endeavor, Jordan (See Travel Warning above)
Rachel Lawrie '15 (
IES Abroad, Rabat, Morocco
Tehila Wenger '15 (
Jordan Language Academy, Amman (See Travel Warning above)
Dominique Fahmy '17 (
Middlebury College (Arabic programs at Mills College & Jordan)
Samone Blair '18 (
Noor Majan Training Institute, Ibri, Oman (see also The Rihla Program below)
Tyler Lawrence '16 (
Jeff Morshed (
Josh Roberts '17 (
Anam Vadgama '18 (
Qalam wa Lawh Arabic School, Rabat, Morocco
Sammy Prentice (
Qasid, Jordan (See Travel Warning above)
Nathan Hodson (
Becca Keener '17 (
Nadirah Mansour GS (
Amir Raja '18 (
Majida Halaweh '19 (
Greg Bell (
Steve Monroe GS (
Jeremy Rotblat '17 (
University of Arizona, Jordan Summer Program, Amman (See Travel Warning above)
Kate Maffey '16 (
University of Texas, Austin Summer Program
Marie Brooks '15 (
Univ. of Virginia/Yarmouk University, Jordan
* Jordan Program Suspended; UVA will host Arabic summer study in Charlottesville, VA *
Jeremy Rotblat '17 (
Greg Bell (
Reed Woodrum '16 (
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Morgan Robinson GS (
Yemen Language Center (and other Yemen programs) (See Travel Warning above)
Nathan Hodson (


Other Summer Arabic Programs (Back to top)

There are many summer Arabic programs for which we do not have resource people.  The following lists a number of programs which our students may have attended, or programs which they have asked about, or programs which have contacted us.  Please note that this list is not exhaustive and does not imply any sort of endorsement.  Consult the MESA and AATA websites cited above for a full and current list of summer Arabic programs.

AALIM, Morocco

AAIN Arabic Institute, Meknes, Morocco

Alexandria Centre for Languages, Egypt (See Travel Warning above)

Ali Baba International Center, Amman, (See Travel Warning above)

Al-Mashriq Center for Arabic Instruction, Amman, Jordan (See Travel Warning above)

American Islamic College, Summer Intensive Arabic, Chicago, IL

American University of Beirut, CAMES, Summer Arabic Program (See Travel Warning above)

American University of Sharjah Summer Intensive Arabic Programs, University City, Sharjah, United Arab
Emirates http://

Amideast Education Abroad Programs, various locations

Arab Academy, Cairo (See Travel Warning above)

Arabeya Association Language School, Cairo (See Travel Warning above)

Arabic Overseas Flagship Program, American Councils for International Education

Arabic Program for Social Sciences, PEASS, (see PEASS below)

Asilah Cultural Exchange Language Programs, Asilah, Morocco

Bard Abroad, Al-Quds Bard College Arabic Summer Language Intensive Program, Jerusalem (See Travel Warning above)

Bosphore Academy Summer Intensive Program, Tunis (See Travel Warning above)

CET Academic Programs,

CIEE, various locations

Columbia University Summer Arabic Language Program, Amman, Jordan (See Travel Warning above)

Defense Language Institute (Military/Goverment)

Dhad Institute (see University of Nizwa below)

Effat University, Saudi Arabia (See Travel Warning above)

George Washington University Summer Arabic Program, Washington, DC

Georgetown University Summer Arabic & Persian Institute, Washington, DC

Givat Haviva Intensive Arabic, Wadi Ara region, Israel (See Travel Warning above)

Hedeyat Institute, Cairo (See Travel Warning above)

Ibn Ghazi Arabic Institute, Fez, Morocco

Indiana University Summer Language Workshop (SWSEEL ), Indiana University

Jordan Language Academy, Amman, Jordan (See Travel Warning above)

Language Generation Center, Amman, Jordan (See Travel Warning above)

Lebanese American University, New York City (NYHAC), Summer Institute

MESALI Summer Intensive Language Institute, DC Internationals, Washington, DC

Michigan State University, at Jordan Language Academy, Amman, Jordan (See Travel Warning above)

Middlebury Institute of International Studies at MontereyMonterey, CA

Middle East Institute, Washington, DC

Montana State University Sustainable Community Development Program (in conjunction with the Atlas Cultural Adventures), Zawiya Ahansal region, Central High Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Moroccan Center for Arabic Studies, Rabat,

National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations, Afkar Academy, Yarmouk, Jordan (See Travel Warning above)

New York University, New York City, Summer Intensive Second-Year Arabic

The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, Summer Intensive Arabic Program

Palestine Summer Encounter, Bethlehem & The Holy Land Trust (See Travel Warning above)

PEASS, The Arabic Program for Social Sciences of EGE Rabat (Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique), Rabat, Morocco

The Rihla Program, Ibri, Oman and Meknes, Morocco, a joint program of the Noor Majan Training Institute (see above) and AALIM (see above) with four weeks of study in each country.

Selat Language Center, Amman, Jordan (See Travel Warning above)

Saifi Institute for Arabic Language, Beirut (See Travel Warning above)

Sibawayh Center, Cairo (See Travel Warning above)

Sidi Bou Said Center for Languages, Tunis; also see The Arabic House operated by the Center Sidi Bou Said, located in North Potomac, MD (See Travel Warning above)

Sijal Institute for Arabic Language and Culture, Amman, Jordan (See Travel Warning above)

SINARC, Lebanese American University, Lebanon (See Travel Warning above)

Summer Arabic in Tunis, (See The ACT Center, Tunis below)

Summer Institute for Languages of the Muslim World (SILMW 2017), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Summer Translation Institute, Western Michigan University

Sultan Qaboos College Arabic Program, Manah, Oman

Summer Language Program in the Kingdom of Morocco, National Council on US-Arab Relations, AALIM Institute, Meknes, Morocco

Tunisian ACT Center, Summer Arabic in Tunis, Tunis http:// (See Travel Warning above)

University of Maryland Arabic Summer Institute, College Park, MD

University of Michigan Summer Programs, Ann Arbor, MI

University of Nizwa, DHAD Institute, Nizwa, Oman

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Summer Arabic

University of Notre Dame Summer Intensive Arabic, Notre Dame, IN

University of Texas at Austin, Arabic Summer Language Institute

Arabic Flagship Program, University of Texas at Austin,

University of Virginia Intensive Summer Language Institute, Charlottesville, VA

Wake Forest University Morocco Summer, Fez, Morocco

Yale University Summer Arabic Language Classes, New Haven, CT

You Can Help Us!

Please note that all information and links were correct as of March 2015, but information and programs change.  If you have updated information or would like to share information about any summer Arabic program not listed here, please contact Greg Bell at