We are a fellowship of Christian graduate students and other members of the university community. Our purpose is to encourage a Christ-centered witnessing community where members grow in love for God, God's Word, His people and His work. We include Christians of many cultural and denominational backgrounds, and we welcome all who seek God.

For the most current information about GCF, please contact Hannah Eagleson or check our Facebook page.

Join Grad InterVarsity on Tuesday April 16 at 7 pm for a discussion about AI and Christianity led by Princeton postdoc J. Nathan Matias. As usual, we'll meet at Panera on Nassau Street in Princeton. Bring your questions and ideas for a lively conversation.

AI & Christianity

What do Christianity and the study of artificial intelligence have to say to each other? With a background in tech startups and nonprofits and a PhD from the MIT Media Lab, computational social scientist J. Nathan Matias spends a lot of time thinking about artificial intelligence. He'll talk with us about questions related to AI and faith, drawing on a report he cowrote with other computer scientists. He'll also describe building the network of scholars that crafted the report, and how conversations with Christians in your field can yield meaningful intellectual work in addition to community. Join us if you're interested in AI, Christianity, or both.

Bio for J. Nathan Matias

J. Nathan Matias studies digital governance and behavior change in groups and networks shaped by algorithms. He also organizes citizen behavioral science with communities of millions toward a world where the power of digital technology is guided by evidence and accountable to the public. He advances this work through the nonprofit CivilServant and as an associate research scholar at Princeton University departments of Psychology, Center for Information Technology Policy, and Sociology (full bio here). In July 2019, he will start as an Assistant Professor at the Cornell University Department of Communication.