Our Mission

Section I

The primary goal of the Muslim Students Association is to serve the needs of the Princeton Muslim community. The MSA shall strive to establish and maintain the Friday (Juma'a) prayers throughout the year, prayers and celebrations for both Eids, and iftaar (fast-break) meals during Ramadan. Additionally, the MSA shall make sure that there is a space on campus available for Muslim students to pray their daily prayers. Finally, the MSA shall do its best to increase unity within the Muslim community on campus through social events like study breaks, discussions, and dinners.

Section II

The secondary goal of the MSA is to serve the campus community. The MSA shall strive to enrich the diversity of campus life by educating our peers about the religion of Islam through lectures, events, dialogues, and similar events. Additionally, the MSA shall strive to create and participate in interfaith events that promote understanding and tolerance of the diverse religious traditions on campus.

Board Members

Nabil Shaikh

President - Nabil Shaikh '17

Assalamu’alaykum! I am Nabil, a sophomore from Reading, PA, studying politics and global health here at Princeton. It is truly an honor for me to lead the executive board of the Muslim Students Association in its attempts to serve the Muslim community on campus. I am in the midst of a vigorous team effort to enhance the outreach from my board to the MSA and to the campus as a whole, and I am excited to see what the coming year will bring spiritually, intellectually, and in terms of stimulating events, dialogues, and speakers. Besides the MSA, I am also involved in Princeton’s interfaith Religious Life Council, the Pace Center for Civic Engagement, and the Princeton Public Health Review. You can also find me playing basketball with my MSA bros in Dillon Gymnasium, surrounded by a fort of books and work in Firestone Library, or just hanging out in the Frist Campus Center or by the third floor prayer room in Murray-Dodge. I love meeting new people, and encourage anyone to email me (nshaikh@princeton.edu) or text me (610-763-7398) at any hour of the day. I am here to serve you, so I hope you will utilize my commitment to you!

Matthew Schumann

Graduate MSA President - Matthew Schumann

In progress.

Zeena Mubarak

Vice-President - Zeena Mubarak '17

Asalamu Alaikum, y'all! I'm Zeena, a sophomore about to enter the Near Eastern Studies department. I'm beyond excited to be part of the MSA board again this year. MSA is my family here on campus, and I can't wait to watch that family get closer and grow bigger :)! When I'm not MSAing, I'm probably watching movies with friends or writing (check me out on MuslimGirl.net or The Prince).

Amir Raja

Social Media Chair - Amir Raja '18

Asalamu ‘alaikum I’m Amir and I’m so blessed and excited to serve on the MSA board as social media chair for this year. I’m a freshman hoping to major in Neuroscience and minor in computer science and global health policy. As social media chair, I’m in charge of maintaining and updating the MSA Facebook and Twitter pages, publicizing the MSA’s events, and taking photographs at all those events to upload to the Facebook page for all to see and cherish. I also work with other board members in collaborative group projects. Aside from MSA, I’m in a South Asian dance group and acapella group on campus as well. I can be contacted at araja@princeton.edu.

Laraib Ilyas

Treasurer - Laraib Ilyas '18

Salaam everyone! My name is Laraib Ilyas and I hail from Northern Virginia. I moved to the United States from Pakistan when I was three, so America is very much home. I am currently a freshman who is taking advantage of the liberal arts experience, but would like to major in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. In my free time, you can find me Netflix binging, Snapchatting, reading, or doodling in my journal. I hope to foster a strong MSA community at Princeton, and I’m really excited about my duties as treasurer. I plan to carefully manage the MSA's budget and keep track of the finances. I also look forward to working with fellow board officers and members to figure out how the money should be allocated.

Rabia Khan

Public Relations Chair - Rabia Khan '18

Hey guys! Assalamualaikum! I'm Rabia from Jersey and I am super excited to serve as this year's Public Relations chair. I am a prospective Neuroscience major (pre-med life WOO) and am looking into minoring in Global Health because brains and global health policies are fascinating! (duh) I was born in Abbottabad, Pakistan (Represent!) and my family moved to America when I was three and have lived in Newark, NJ ever since. As the PR chair, I am excited to continue outreaching with the Princeton community and work on welcoming more non-Muslims to MSA-related events. I would also love to start facilitating inter-university MSA events where we connect the Princeton MSA with other University MSAs. I love singing, drawing, anything creative, anything fun, meeting new people (if you have questions about anything, whether it is about the MSA or Princeton in general, don't be afraid to email me at rsk2@princeton.edu). I look forward to the coming year!

Nusrat Ahmed

Community Service Chair - Nusrat Ahmed '17

Assalamualikum everyone! My name is Nusrat and I'm a sophomore from the Bronx, NY. I'm unsure about my major but I hope to work with kids in the future. I love love love instrumental versions of songs, quotes and sayings, swedish fish, cherry coke, cold weather, and car rides. MSA is my favorite part of Princeton and I absolutely love everyone in it. The people here are truly a blessing from Allah and a blessing to the world. And I think there is no better way to be thankful for our blessings, than by giving back. As community service chair, my intention is to orient the heart and purpose of MSA towards service through remembrance of Allah and doing good for His sake whether it be raising money for charity or organizing group prayers for the oppressed around the world in shaa Allah. I'm so excited for this year and if you ever see me around, don't hesitate to say hi. I would love to get to meet you :)

Nitasha Siddique

Communications Chair - Nitasha Siddique '18

Assalamualaikum! My name is Nitasha Siddique, I am a freshman from New York City. I'm a prospective psychology major, a proud Forbesian, and an active binge-watcher of kdramas, Disney movies, and Buzzfeed videos! You will most likely find me in Murray Dodge because its my second home so don't hesitate to say hello! MSA has been a huge part of my life since high school and I've had a wonderful experience at Princeton so far especially because of the MSA being there for me as a support system and a place of refuge on worse days. So I hope that as Communications Chair I can help maintain that atmosphere for everyone. I look forward to meeting and working with all of you!

Mohamed El-Dirany

Webmaster - Mohamed El-Dirany '18

Salam, I'm Mohamed. I'll update the website as much as I can. I'm Egyptian but I've spent most of my life in America. I love history, especially Near Eastern Studies, but I'm a pre-med and hoping for a computer science major.

Hassan Chaudhry

Intramural Chair - Hassan Chaudhry '18

Salaam! My name is Hassan Ejaz Chaudhry and I am a freshman from Lahore, Pakistan . I am still unsure about my major but am thinking of Mechanical Engineering or Computer Science. I love to watch TV shows (Suits is my current favorite) and love to play cricket and ping pong. Mostly,you will find me either in the dining hall where I am making new friends ( I love to meet new people) or in the library fretting over problem sets . I think the MSA is one of the most diverse but at the same time close-knit society on campus. As the IM chair, I plan to make the MSA active and athletic by ensuring an active participation in IntraMural sports. I am open to new ideas and look forward to an action packed year."