Our Mission

Section I

The primary goal of the Muslim Students Association is to serve the needs of the Princeton Muslim community. The MSA shall strive to establish and maintain the Friday (Juma'a) prayers throughout the year, prayers and celebrations for both Eids, and iftaar (fast-break) meals during Ramadan. Additionally, the MSA shall make sure that there is a space on campus available for Muslim students to pray their daily prayers. Finally, the MSA shall do its best to increase unity within the Muslim community on campus through social events like study breaks, discussions, and dinners.

Section II

The secondary goal of the MSA is to serve the campus community. The MSA shall strive to enrich the diversity of campus life by educating our peers about the religion of Islam through lectures, events, dialogues, and similar events. Additionally, the MSA shall strive to create and participate in interfaith events that promote understanding and tolerance of the diverse religious traditions on campus.

Board Members

Amir Raja

President - Amir Raja '18

Saarah Jappie

Graduate MSA President - Saarah Jappie

Salaams everyone! I'm a 5th year graduate student in the History Department and am originally from South Africa, by way of Australia. During my time at Princeton the MSA has consistently been a welcoming spiritual and social community, so I'm very happy to now be on the board! My aim as graduate MSA president for this year is to provide spiritual and social spaces targeted towards my fellow grads, and to promote further community integration for Princeton Muslim graduate students.

Nitasha Siddique

Vice-President - Nitasha Siddique '18

Assalamualaikum! My name is Nitasha Siddique, I am a sophomore (soon to be junior) studying Psychology and Neuroscience, and an incredibly proud New Yorker and Forbesian! MSA is what keeps me grounded and sane throughout the year, and I feel most comfortable with my friends in the MSA, whom I treat like family. I hope that as Vice President I can do my part to make the MSA an even closer community and one that has a strong and warm presence on campus! If you ever want to chat or say hello, your best bet is the ORL office where I spend majority of my day :) 

Anhar Karim

Social Media Chair - Anhar Karim '18

Hey salaam! I'm Anhar Karim and I'm currently a sophomore at Princeton University from Maryland. I'll probably concentrate in Religion, because faith traditions are so cool and stuff! When I'm not busy with school and updating the Princeton MSA Facebook and Snapchat (follow us at PrincetonMSA), I'm probably somewhere with my camera making some movie about something. I'm in charge of Muslim Life Productions' videos on campus and I'm really excited about the work we're doing there. I'm a writer, actor, and in general over thinker. MSA was a huge part of my high school experience and it defines my experience at Princeton. I'm so happy to be part of making it awesome! I'm the guy that shows up to almost every MSA event and stubbornly refuses to leave because I'm having too much fun. Don't hesitate to come to our events, hit us up, and become our friends. Because we'll love you forever and ever and give you free food. If you have questions about the MSA's Social Media or you just want to come talk to me about Batman, contact me at afkarim@princeton.edu 

Waqarul Islam

Treasurer - Waqarul Islam '18

Assalamualaikum! I'm Waqarul (Waqa for short) and am originally from NYC. I've worked a lot with Business Today on campus and really enjoy finance. It's an honor to serve my MSA board and make sure we can keep all our programs running smoothly with proper funding. I love everyone in our organization and am really excited for this year!

Sena Meryem

Communications Chair - Sena Meryem '18

Assalamu alaikum all, I'm Sena Meryem, a freshman hoping to major in something, eventually. The Muslim community at Princeton has been a huge blessing to me so I am happy to be Communications Chair this term and send a lot of emails to all my favorite people on campus (when I flood your inbox on busy weeks remember it's all out of love). I hope to bring the same energy and compassion to the Board that my predecessors have as well as new ideas and collaborations to extend the MSA's reach on campus and provide more opportunities for us to engage with each other spiritually and creatively. Outside of the MSA I also slam in Songline, a spoken word poetry group. If you catch me when I'm not busy for either of these groups then I am probably asleep, but you can still reach me at scebeci@princeton.edu. 

Hajrah Hussain

Community Service Chair - Hajrah Hussain '17

Salaam everyone! I'm Hajrah Hussain, a junior from Jersey City, NJ. I'm a pre-med student majoring in English. As Community Service chair, I hope to serve our MSA community in helping us serve the larger community and strengthening the bonds within our MSA. Beyond the MSA, I like crafting. That's it--MSA and crafting. Those are my only passions. 

Aamir Zainulabadeen

Public Relations - Aamir Zainulabadeen '18

Tasnuva Orchi

Social Chair - Tasnuva Orchi '18

Assalamu'alaykum! I'm Tasnuva, "Tazz" for short, a freshman who has little to no idea what they'll be studying here at Princeton. Everything looks promising and rewarding at this point. I was born in Bangladesh but moved when I was three and have called the Big Apple home ever since. I'm elated to be the Social Chair this year and I hope to help the MSA family grow stronger and closer! It seems like the MSA is filled with so many experienced and interesting people whom I hope I will be able to learn from in the near future. This year I've been lucky enough to be involved in a few amazing groups around campus which include the Religious Life Council, Princeton's South Asian Acapella group Tarana, the Scholars Institute Fellows Program, and the William Trego Choir. You can find me working in Woolworth or heading over to wherever they have free food that night. I like to believe that I'm a nice person so come by and lets talk about the world and everything in it!