Our Mission

Section I

The primary goal of the Muslim Students Association is to serve the needs of the Princeton Muslim community. The MSA shall strive to establish and maintain the Friday (Juma'a) prayers throughout the year, prayers and celebrations for both Eids, and iftaar (fast-break) meals during Ramadan. Additionally, the MSA shall make sure that there is a space on campus available for Muslim students to pray their daily prayers. Finally, the MSA shall do its best to increase unity within the Muslim community on campus through social events like study breaks, discussions, and dinners.

Section II

The secondary goal of the MSA is to serve the campus community. The MSA shall strive to enrich the diversity of campus life by educating our peers about the religion of Islam through lectures, events, dialogues, and similar events. Additionally, the MSA shall strive to create and participate in interfaith events that promote understanding and tolerance of the diverse religious traditions on campus.

Board Members

Sarah Qari

President - Sarah Qari '16

Hi! I'm Sarah Qari. I'm a Jersey girl (through and through!) and I come from a Pakistani-American family. I grew up going to an Islamic school and spending a lot of time in an active Muslim community, so participating in the growth of the Muslim community at Princeton is really important to me. I'm a really outgoing person and enjoy meeting new people-- if you ever see me around, I'd love to stop and chat! My hobbies include reading, journaling, organizing things, procrastinating on BuzzFeed, and watching White Collar. At Princeton, I'm a pre-med Anthropology major. I look forward to being a part of the many exciting plans this Board has for this semester and next!

Jeff Morshed

Graduate MSA President - Jeff Morshed

Salaam! My name is Jeff Morshed and I'm a Bangladeshi-American from Edison, NJ. Currently, I'm a masters student in the Program in Near Eastern Studies. Before Princeton, I graduated from Georgetown (SFS '11) and was a Teach for America corps member in Newark, NJ. When not programming or studying, I'm usually playing basketball or watching movies/tv. This year, I look forward to programming service projects and social events. I also hope to work with undergraduates and MLP to service the interests of Princeton and broader central Jersey community.

Safeeyah Quereshi

Vice-President - Safeeyah Quereshi '16

Safeeyah Quereshi is a Muslim American and anthropology major from Brookfield, Wisconsin. She is super excited to be a part of the MSA leadership team this year again, to foster the wonderful type of community that took her in as a frosh. When not filling out forms and requests on the MSA's behalf, she can be found running around campus (sometimes literally), hanging out with friends, shopping, and maybe studying.

Safa Syed

Social Media Chair - Safa Syed '17

Salaam! I am Safa Syed, and I am from Atlanta, Georgia. I enjoy writing, watching (a lot of) TV shows and movies, and traveling. I have no idea what my prospective major is, but I am leaning towards the humanities. So far, the MSA has been an important part of my Princeton experience. In high school, my MSA consisted of 3 people including myself, so I love being part of Princeton's welcoming and active MSA. I look forward to the upcoming year!

Anne Haque

Treasurer - Anne Haque '17

Salaam! My name is Anne Haque and I am a freshman this year with plans to major in economics while pursuing pre-med. I was born in Bangladesh, grew up in Australia and completed high school in Florida so meeting new people is something I have come to love! So far, MSA has become a really special aspect of my campus experience: I love all the activities we do together and the people are amazing, friendly, and mixtures of such wonderful personalities. I am the second oldest of four, so it was difficult leaving behind my wonderful family to come to Princeton, but I can happily say the members of MSA have become my second-family! When I’m not hanging out with my MSA buddies I can be found eating at the dining hall, watching cute viral videos on YouTube or sitting in a library corner crying over my endless pile of homework while regretting my chronic procrastination.
As an economics major, I hope to utilize my money-handling skills to keep track of MSA finances while also helping to plan many more fun activities. I cannot wait to see what this new year of MSA brings!

Mohamed Shalan

Public Relations Chair - Mohamed Shalan '17

Salaam! My name is Mohamed Shalan and I have the prestigious honor to be the MSA’s Public Relations chair. I am a chemical and biological engineering major with hopes to go into medicine or pharmaceutical/healthcare consulting. I was born in Egypt (woot woot!) but have lived in Edison, NJ for a major part of my upbringing. As a freshman on the board, I feel I bring very new, innovative ideas to the board—ideas that I feel can very much connect the Princeton MSA not only to University and the community, but to other NJ communities. I am also very loud, speak a lot, and despite my large stature, will engage in childish and sophomoric activities. My duties, as I see it, are to better facilitate any and all events by handling communications, advertising, organization, as well assisting the other members of the board (primarily lifting and moving heavy objects). My personal agenda is to mediate a brotherly (and sisterly) connection between our MSA and the MSAs in the surrounding areas through communal-focused events. In my free time, I like to weightlift, eat, play sports, eat, Netflix-binge, and eat. Did I mention I like to eat?

Nabil Shaikh

Community Service Chair - Nabil Shaikh '17

Salaam! I am Nabil Shaikh, a freshman from Reading, PA, and I believe that there is a reason the word “service” is often preceded by the word “community.” I believe that the power of human understanding and sympathy is the path to the betterment of the needy and the destitute, yet I believe even more so in the unity that lies therein, which can achieve even more in the way of this betterment. Both of these tenets of human sympathy and unity are at the core of the Islamic charitable character and a generally humane lifestyle. My experiences with service have been diverse, ranging from organizing clothing drives and neighborhood clean ups, to working on philanthropic boards and the University's Religious Life Council. I believe that in bringing this depth of experience to the MSA, I am serving both those in need and the Muslim community at Princeton as well.

Zeena Mubarak

Communications Chair - Zeena Mubarak '17

Asalaamualikum, y'all!

My name is Zeena Mubarak and I am a freshman from Fairfax, Virginia. In my free time, I like to watch movies (I have watched way too many movies) and write (check me out on The Stripes!). I am so excited to be a part of this MSA board because I've come to rely on the people from the MSA to be my family here on campus. Literally everyone in the MSA is so amazing and friendly. As Communications Chair, I look forward to getting to know all you awesome MSAers even better.

Ahmed Akhtar

Webmaster - Ahmed Akhtar '17

Hi! I'm Ahmed. I'm the webmaster. I hail from the Windy City (Chicago), but I was born in Pakistan and moved to the States with my family in 1999. In addition to mastering webs, I like to watch movies and TV, play chess, program, read and write. As a prospective physics major, I hope I can provide a singular perspective to the talented, admirable board members of the MSA, while also maintaining and updating the beautiful website that we have.

Galib Cebeci

Intramural Chair - Galib Cebeci '16

Assalaamu 'alaykum! My name is Ali Galib Cebeci. I am from a Turkish/Georgian family and I'm a sophomore hoping to major in Near Eastern Studies. But while Near Eastern history, languages and politics are quite fascinating, I also am interested in teaching and education. So Insha'Allah I'll be trying to get the certificate from the Program in Teacher Preparation here at uni. I am excited to serve as Intramural Chair. We had a rough time in soccer the last two seasons but judging by some of the basketball stars we have (including you graduate students!) the coming season looks bright. Let's keep up and also increase the good work!
Allahuma salli 'ala sayyidina wa habeebina wa nabiyyina Muhammad