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Notes from the Trailhead 2005-2006

Here are the latest adventures and new from OA alums. Send us your latest story and tidbits for Tiger Trails (use the Friends of OA Membership form above).

Robin Hibbert Tindall ’97 reports that she just finished her MBA and is learning whitewater canoeing and enjoying back country skiing in the winter of Vermont.

Jud Brewer ’96 writes from New Haven, CT that he is continuing his psychiatry residency and finds time for trail running and mountain biking around town.

Torrey McMillan ’95 is teaching and heading the Sustainability Deparment at the White Mountain School. She is trying her hand at building a cedar-strip sea kayak and spends time in her garden.

Tom Pastorius ’03 reports that he has returned to the U.S.A. and resides in Rhode Island. He works for an international volunteering organization called “Projects Abroad” and fits in skiing when he can.

Christy Sander ’03 ran into old OA friends last winter while backpacking (Morgan Voeltz ’03, Saroj Siegler ’03. They were in the Teak Forest of Northern Thailand/Burma. High point was the elephants and low point the malaria and mosquitoes. “Lots of going bananas with the local monkeys.”

Scott Duncan ’96 “spent New Year’s hiking to Delicate Arch in Utah through a wicked snow storm with waist-high drifts. Needless to say, my wife and I had the park to ourselves.”

Kelly Sherwin ’03 hiked around the Santa Ynez Mountains and outside Santa Barbara before moving to Washington, D.C. “I spent last year working in Tanzania for Princeton-in-Africa and climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. I made a huge supply of GORP and by the time I reached the summit, all the M&Ms disappeared while the raisins and peanuts remained… bad habit; what can I say.”

Liz Condliffe ’02 joined the Wilderness Medicine group at University of Toronto and “am missing the WFR course that I never did manage to take, but having fun nonetheless. We are planning for a “Med WAR North,” a medical wilderness adventure race that is an interesting outlet for outdoor ed. Participants range from avid outdoorsmen to health case workers/students skiing for the first time.”

Stephen Tadlock ’01 reports that after working his finance day job in NY, he finds occasional time for day hikes in Harriman State Park, or running the big loop in Central Park.

Graham Bullock ’99 had a great trip to the Olympics National Park, Greece last summer and hiked 36 miles in three days, almost to the top of Mt. Olympus. “It was the same time as the Olympic Games in Greece – my own private Olympics.”

Ben Runkle ’00 took on a trip to Alaska where he did some camping in Denali. After his friend sprained his ankle, Ben carried him four miles to the road, adding “although his ankle was long in recovering, my shoulders are fine.”

Jennifer Nam ’02 notes that after living abroad, she has settled into the D.C. area and is entering law school. “I wanted to thank you for making such an impact on my Princeton years.”

Elizabeth Holzer-Max ’94 completed eight days of trekking in Nepal with her sister, Holly Holzer ’92. “The Himalayas are so much bigger and more majestic in person. We loved out adventure.”

Naomi Darling ’96 reports “Half way through my second year of architecture grad school – great semester designing a library and making etchings of CT maps. I’ve been enjoying kayaking around the Thimble Islands and running up East Rock for the vertical gain!”

Heidi Harbison ’97 & Taylor Kimberly ’96 spent 2-months in Southeast Asia including trekking to Nepal. “Then we got hitched in the Dacks in Willsboro, overlooking Lake Champlain in June. We hope to get some skiing in this winter.”

Marvin Swartz ’63 led hikes in the Adirondacks for the AMC as well as the Cold River Camp in the White Mountains of NH. He served as Alpine Steward on the Franconia Ridge (AMC/NFS program), Information Volunteer at Pinkham Notch and Madison Hat (AMC) and trail maintenance (Chatham Trails Assoc.). “I shall be leading on Mt. Rainier next summer, as well as in the White Mountains, after trekking in the Tatras in June (if I’m lucky).”

Alana Benjamin ’02 is a second year med student at the University of New Mexico. “I ran into Anders Chen ’01 and EB Smith ’03 at a recent conference at UCSF. This winter, I’ll be trying to catch as much of the New Mexico sunshine and powder as I can on my telemark skis!”

Julie Wingerter ’92 went trekking in Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica with fiancé Seth Lieberman.

Jean-Paul Ciardullo ’03 is halfway through law school at Fordham Law. “Enjoying the city life (but I miss the outdoors), but went to the Grand Canyon for the first time on a hiking trip – Awesome!”

Andrew Reumann-Moore ’83 climbed Mt. Ascutrey last summer with his 8-year old daughter, Maia. Then they paddled by it the next day on the CT River, took the family to Yellowstone to forestall a Disney trek, and is “really into calderas now.”

Saroj Siegler ’03 returned from a year in Bangkok, Thailand, working as a PIA intern for IUCN, the World Conservation Union. “While in Asia, I hiked around Thailand, Sri Lanka, Laos, Cambodia and China. Since I returned to the U.S., I’ve gone on great hiking trips to Yosemite, Cumberland Island off Georgia, and a few winter day hikes in Colorado, but the avalanche potential was too high for our planned camping trip.”

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Dr. Robert Buerki P’06
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Richard & Marilyn Jacobson P’06, P’07
Gerald & Laura Peyton P’08


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David DeLorenzo ’96
Heather Harnly '96
Thomas Lannamann ’96
Daniel Becker ’97
Robin Tindall ’97
Valerie Easterwood ’98
Eric Ross ’98
Bede Broome '99
Graham Bullock '99
Gregory Carbo ’99
Michael Carreno ’99
Melissa Edwards Pearson ’99
Virginia Ellsworth Reiner ’99
Julia Anderson ’00
Buzz & Lynn Karpay P’00, P’03, P’06
Benjamin Runkle ’00
Roger Ahn ’01
Benjamin Altz-Stamm ’01
Mary Dunlop ’02
Lauren Hawley Norelli ’02
Sarah Jane White ’02
Jean-Paul Ciardullo ’03
Kathryn Niner ’03
Dominic Notario ’03
Dana Pasternak ’03
Brian Pick ’03
Kelly Sherwin '03
Sarah Hammitt ’04
Scott Grant ’05
Nancy & Michael Henn P’05
Robert & Mary Brown P’06
Fred & Claudia Larrea P’06
Gregory Hill P’07
Philip & Stephanie Pfau P’08
Harold & Sharon Segal P’08



Richard Getnick ’64
John A. Brown ’69
Wallace Good ’72
Susan Schwab ’73
Jean Halloran ’75
David Dichek ’76
Todd Weber ’80
Monique Villars ’83
Cort Holland ’84
James Lee '86
Samuel Moskowitz ’86
Cynthia Reese ’86
Jared Silverman '86
Sandra Vitzthum ’86
Kevin Gersten ’87
Christopher Moore ’87
Wendy Patten ’87
Jennifer Rosenberg '89
James Smart ’89
Ian Whan Tong ’89
Josephine Diemond ’90
Andrew Krivoshik ’90
Rodd Langenhagen ’91
Derek Bouchard-Hall ’92
Lianne Kurina ’92
Spencer Reynolds ’92
Julie Wingerter ’92
Alexander Gounares ’93
Sonia Helmy ’94
Kimberly Newell ’94
R. Candler Young ’94
Edward Bruntrager ’95
Dax Guenther ’95
Christopher Kimberly ’95
Victoria McMillan ’95
Victor Perlroth ’95
Bryan Ristow ’95
Joseph Roxe ’95
Cecily Baskir '96
Jud Brewer ’96
Naomi Darling ’96
Scott Duncan ’96
Andrew Goldstein '96
Christine Chin ’97
Todd Felix ’97
Pei-Lin Hsiung ’97
Patrick Kassen ’97
Eric Lundgren ’97
Kristen Rainey ’97
Jeremy Archer ’98
Meredith Bell Currier ’98
Eliot Kent-Uritam ’98
Caroline Sincerbeaux King ’98
Andrew LeCuyer ’98
Jamie Morano '98
Brandy Ries ’98
Margaret Williams ’98
Tracy Wynder ’98
Jessica Archer ’99
Gillian Ashenfelter ’99
Chris Beeson ’99
Kirsten Ekdahl ’99
Thomas Lai ’99
Bradley McCowan ’99
Tasha Reddy ’99
Allison Smith '99
Angus Wilson ’99
Margaret Benner ’00
Halden Fitzgerald ’00
Cassie Gyuricza ’00
Holly Markovitz ’00
Kenneth Wu ’00
Kathleen Baum ’01
Steven Caputo ’01
Anders Chen ’01
Kathryn Delonga ’01
Kara Frederick ’01
June A. Hurme P'01
Cynthia Kellogg ’01
Ryan Martin ’01
Erika Schielke ’01
Elisabeth Webster ’01
Sarah Apgar ’02
Jamie Bartholomew ’02
Alana Benjamin ’02
Meghan Brown ’02
Calvin Chan ’02
Elizabeth Condliffe '02
Katherine Eisenberg ’02
George Heitz ’02
Amanda Henck ’02
George Howard ’02
Rebecca Jones ’02
Meghan Fehlig Mitman ’02
Meghan Mullarkey ’02
Jennifer Nam ’02
Annika Walters ’02
Jon Benner ’03
Emile Chang ’03
William Cooch ’03
Laura Dannen ’03
Chancellor Gray ’03
Alexandra Greist ’03
Bryan Mcardle ’03
Thomas Pastorius ’03
Christina Sander ’03
Saroj Siegler ’03
Lauren Sun '03
Stacia Thompson ’03
Elliot Holland ’04
Anne Kern ’04
William Kiefer ’04
Allison Pieja ’04
Alan Thong ’04
Andy & Kelly Schreer P’05
Lesley Zwillinger P’05
Carmen Fischgold P’06
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Harster P’06
Dan Box ’07
Meg Lowman P’07, P’09
Alana Arnold ’08
Nicholas Crowell P’08
David & Linda Fuller P’08
Charles Hedlund ’08
Joy & Mark Prichard P’08
Wiley Reynolds ’08
Tim & Kim Saxe P’08
Kevin Schaeffer ’08

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