Three generations

Three generations of OA ( and three different heights)
Jim Garrett '65, Rick Curtis '79 and Sarah Apgar Smith '02 (and a grizzly bear) at the Wilderness Risk Management Conference in Jackson, WY 10/2008

Friday December 26, 2014

Notes from the Trailhead

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Spring - Fall 2010

Russell R. Willis ’66 is still leading an active outdoor life. He completed 7 backpacking expeditions in 2009 and three more at the start of 2010. He also has his own website:

Samuel M. Inman ’85 ran the Grand Canyon in one half-day and his 28th marathon at the spring Los Angeles Marathon. He’s eyeing the Appalachian Trail for his next off-road ultra.

Yana Kane-Esrig ’85 is working at Alcatel-Lucent, studying Tai chi, and going skiing “when work weather and life align”.

Jessica Archer ’99 and Jeremy Archer ’98 had their third child, Max, and are enjoying life in Vermont.

Edward W. Nottingham ’99 moved to New Zealand for a year and reports “living on the beach, exploring the country whenever not working in the hospital. Enjoying a slower pace and more time with my wife and daughter.”

John Adamo ’07 returned from almost 10 months in Iraq serving as the Assistant Intelligence Officer for RCT-6 and is looking forward to spending time in Surf City, NJ and western NC.

Maya Yamato ’07 is in her third year of a joint program in Biological Oceanography with MIT. She is living in Cape Cod and enjoying “surfing, climbing, snowboarding etc. with outdoorsy friends!”

Mallory James ’08 is working for a technical and management consultancy, Energetics Incorporated, in Columbia, MD and living with her boyfriend Matt Plough ’07. Starting in summer 2010 she is also attending grad school for a M.S. at Virginia Tech. “All is well! I miss OA!”

Spring - Fall 2008

David Irving ’58 and his wife Barb, along with grandson, Shane (age 11), and daughter, Carol, hiked down the Kaibab Trail in the Grand Canyon. They crossed the Colorado River and spent the night in bunk houses at the fabled Phantom Ranch. The next day they trekked the Bright Angel Trail back to the rim.

Dr. Marvin Swartz ’63 climbed Mt. Whitney (CA) in a day this past summer and led hikes for the AMC in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of CA and the White Mountains of NH.

Robert Schoene, M.D.’68 published a book on high altitude last winter—the latest definitive text.

Dr. Anne Helsley-Marchbanks ’80 spent 10 days paddling in the Boundary Waters, MN, over the summer. “This year it will be the Colorado Rockies.”

Mary E. Newman ’83 states that as an architect she is “splitting my work time between sustainable design in Portland, ME, and the transformation of a royal palace complex in the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal, into a national museum.”

Andrew Reumann-Moore ’83 climbed “first 14er this summer with my brother, Tom, at Quandary Peak, CO.”

Dean Buchenauer, Ph.D. ’85 attended Philmont Scout Ranch this past summer with his son. “We enjoyed a 70-mile backpack over 11 days, including rock climbing, gold panning, and black powder shooting.”

Dr. Susan Mariscal Glockner ’85 states “We hiked the Inca Trail with our kids (Katie, 13 years, and Billy, 11 years) and went to the Galapagos last summer. The previous summer we introduced them to backpacking in the Sierras.”

Rick Ross ’85 is teaches math in Singapore, and in the past few years has climbed Mt. Fuji, in Japan, Low’s Peak (Mt. Kinabalu) in Borneo, and visited the Everest base camp in Tibet.

Carl Cruse ’86 is living in Miami and welcomes “any OAers passing through to stop in for some sea-kayaking or diving in the Florida Keys.”

Jonathan Taylor ’86 and Andi Suess Taylor ’88 moved to Sarasota, FL, where they hope to sail and sea kayak with their boys Noah (age 12) and Jacob (age 9).

Pieter van Zee ’87 & Kari Lister van Zee ’87 report that daughter Erynne van Zee (almost 13 years) is an avid backpacker thanks to OA’s training of her parents. “She thinks nothing of toting a 40 lb. pack for five days in the Opal Creek Wilderness in Oregon.”

Jennifer Rosenberg ’89 recently (2004) took up biking and this year completed her third 270-mile ride from Jerusalem to Eilat in Israel. The ride benefited the Arava Institute—an environmental studies program that brings Arab and Israeli students to live and study together in order to jointly address the environmental challenges in the region.

Dr. John Strouse ’91 ran the Richmond marathon in November and plans to star trail running, with his first race planned for January.

Alex Meyer ’92 and Heather Wakelee, M.D. ’92 started their girls off to an early start of wilderness appreciation. “Azalea hiked 3 miles in the Canadian Rockies the day before her 4th birthday. Zora, at age 1-1/2 served as a good bear warning system by screaming the entire time, though.”

Dr. Katharine Davidson Lamperti ’93 lives in Anchorage, AK. “With the Chugach Mountains at my back door, I hike often with the kids.”

William Broaddus, Jr.’95 and his wife, Erin, navigated through orienteering courses in VA and then CT & MA after they moved to Easthampton, MA. “We’re ready to pit ourselves against the clock next time out!”

Mark Wiranowski ’95 and Melissa Lockman ’97 reported that Mark was seriously injured while descending from a climb at Lumpy Ridge in Rocky Mountain National Park, CO, in August 2007. Fortunately, the ensuing surgeries went well and Mark did not lose his leg. For details about the accident and Mark’s condition, visit

Holly Haefele, D.V.M. ’96 is enjoying her fourth year in Texas—mountain biking in the winter and an occasional river swim in December. “I love my job as vet at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. We had a trip of a lifetime to the Galapagos Islands in July.”

Dr. W. Taylor Kimberly ’96 and Heidi Harbison ’97 were happy to announce they have a 6-month old baby girl, Elsa.

Sean Hartman ’97, in August took 4th place overall and was the top American finisher in the Atacama Crossing, a six-day, 250 km ultra-marathon across the Atacama Desert in Chile.

Robin Hibbert Tindall ’97 started an environmental consulting business and welcomed “Bizzy” Elizabeth Tindall, now 11 months and starting to walk.

Jamie Morano, M.D., M.P.H. ’98 used OA skills climbing Mt. Moosilauke in the AT area in NH. “OA skills came in handy from China to overnight call internal medicine in residency.”

Eric Michael Ross ’98 and his wife backpacked in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile, in November 2007.

Jessica Kipp Archer ’99 & Jeremy Archer ’98 announced that “we now have two beautiful daughters who are learning to enjoy the outdoors.”

Tim Van Hooser ’99 along with Steve Edwards ’01 and Jim Liu ’99 hiked the highest peak in Rhode Island on Dec. 30. They plan to high the highest peak in Maine over the summer.

Ryan Martin ’01 and Sarah Apgar Smith ’02 hiked Mount Princeton in late August. “We could have done a few other 14ers, but we decided to keep it real with the alma mater.”

Stephen Tadlock ’01 capped off grad school with a trip to Tanzania to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. “It’s no Susquehanna Trail, but it was pretty good. All joking aside, the OA training came in handy again.”

Alana Benjamin ’02 stated she is doing her family medicine residency in Santa Rosa, CA. “Not too far from Yosemite and the ocean!”

Nicole Chinook McLean ’02 is getting her adrenaline kicks flying helicopter tours in the Canadian Rockies. Currently on a hiking adventure with a fellow “tiger” and the OA Crazy Creek is coming in handy.

Amanda Blaine ’03 lives in Maine and teaches 7th graders at a public middle school. “I love it! I can ski out my door to the beach.”

Lisa Newman-Wise ’05 completed her second Iron Man Triathalon in Kona Hawaii in 11:14:00 on October 10 taking 21:52 off her previous time and was 10th in her age group for women. contratulations, Lisa!

Brent Scharschmidt ’05 is looking forward to doing some camping in western Thailand over the summer. “My OA Crazy Creek (signed by all my Frosh) has accompanied me to Asia and is awaiting my return (with Thai friends).”

Sarah Moore ’06, a grad student at Stanford, is also coordinating Stanford’s Pre-Orientation Trips (SPOT). She recruited Alistair Boettiger ’07 and Jen Hong ’06 to start up a Wilderness First Aid program for SPOT and convinced Caroline Chopko ’07 to teach an Outdoor Leadership class.

Amy Sennett ’06 reports that “I spent the year in Shanghai assisting Dean Slaughter and her family while she was on sabbatical. I also returned from a phenomenal trip to the temples around Angkor Wat, Cambodia, and will start law school at Harvard in the fall.”

Scott Shimp ’06 is enjoying the Peace Corps in Kyrgyzstan and his 27-month commitment ends in 9/08. Over his winter break last year, Scott toured India.