Tuesday January 27, 2015  

How do I Lead an OA Trip?

During the year, OA Leaders are responsible for planning trips. Below is a list of things you will need to do.

Applying to Lead a Trip

  • If you are interested in leading a trip, you should already have completed all of the leader training requirements.
  • Applications are reviewed by the Program Coordinator and the co-chairs of the Committee for that activity. In some cases there may be additional information we need from you such as an OA Climbing Skills Assessment form or a OA Paddling Skills Assessment form. For some trips applicants will be interviewed.
  • Selections are made after reviewing the applications. All trips require at least two leaders. You can request to lead with someone else when you apply and we will do our best to honor your request (as long as the other person is also selected to lead). Final leader pairings are done by the Program Coordinator.

Calling Participants

  • You are responsible for calling the people on the sign up sheet to see if they plan to go. For day trips you should begin calling a week ahead. For multi-day trips you should call at least three weeks before the trip and set up a meeting with the group so you can discuss the trip, go over what they should bring, and have them fill out Trip Application forms. Day trip participants must fill out the one-page day trip form the morning of the trip.
  • You should inform participants about any special equipment or preparation needed for the trip. On multi-day trips this will include providing them with a complete equipment list and explaining what OA can provide and what they must provide. On a day trip, this will mean informing people about appropriate clothing, footwear, and any food and drink they should bring.
  • You should collect money from participants for the trip. On multi-day trips, we required that participants pay before the trip to hold their spaces. On day trips, (if there is no waiting list) people can pay the day of the trip, otherwise advanced payment is required. Leaders can collect funds at a meeting or instruct people to come into the office to pay.

Trip Planning

  • You must plan the route and file a Trip Plan with the Outdoor Action Director before the trip goes out.
  • You are responsible for collecting any equipment necessary for the trip including first aid kits, camping gear, etc.
  • On multi-day trips, you are responsible for making pre-trip arrangements for any camping permits needed for your group.
  • On multi-day trips, you are responsible for planning a menu for the trip and purchasing any food.

During the trip

  • You are responsible for the safety and enjoyment of the participants. You need to teach the necessary skills to
  • participants.
  • During the trip you must keep track of van mileage, and all expenses. At the end of the trip you must turn in a Trip
  • Expenses form documenting all trip costs and all of your receipts.
  • You must fill out a Trip Log and any Accident Reports and/or Information/Close Call Reports.

After the Trip

  • You are responsible for making sure that all equipment borrowed by participants is returned.
  • You are responsible or making sure that all group equipment is returned.
  • If any equipment is lost or damage, it must be reported to the Outdoor Action Director or the Equipment Room Staff.
  • You are responsible for making sure that the Equipment Room is left in good order after you de-issue equipment.